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Click the picture below to see where in the world Oceanna is bobbing!



  1. Really glad to see are enjoying yourself seams like its a great adventure Kaycee I am really enjoying your blog keep it up great job have fun your old neighbour

    1. We are having a blast. Thanks for keeping up with us. Updates can be spotty with wifi availability but I promise they’ll always be here eventually!

  2. Leslie Burland · · Reply

    Hi Greg and farm kitten! Travelling out to blind bay for Travis wedding with Greg! checked out all your pics on the drive! WOW WOW WOW! I love it! Enjoy and hope to see you on a sunny beach soon! Keep up the great pics!
    Leslie, Chac and Greg

    1. Hey thanks for checking us out Leslie! Have an awesome time at Travis’s wedding. I can only imagine what a good time it’ll be.
      Hello to the rest of the Burland’s! Would love to see you all on a beach somewhere soon. I’m trying to get Uncle Greg in gear for Foy Family Christmas 2014 in Costa Rica. You guys should come too.

  3. Kowabunga! Glassy barrels and fish dreaming of getting in your belly. Rock on U 2. We’re on Moonpearl at Wrightsville 🙂

  4. alvaro Vergara · · Reply

    Hello, I am the pilot in charge of the transit, I lost or misplaced your card, but you can email to and send me some pictures and how can I make contact with you

    1. Hi Alvaro, great to hear from you. It was great having you aboard for the transit. I’ll get the photos uploaded today and email you.

  5. Doug & Patti · · Reply

    Hi Greg and Kaycee this message is from Doug and Patti we met last night at the double hook to watch team Canada win the gold metal, have fun stay safe,tight lines from Quepos

    1. Great to hear from you guys!! Thanks for checking in. Go Canada!

  6. Hi Greg & Kaycee. I’m at your Grandma Betty’s house right now for a couple of days (she’s my aunt). Your dad is my first cousin.

    1. Hi Sandi! Great to hear from you. Please pass a hello onto Grandma for us!

  7. Congratulations on a major achievement! We will be awaiting your posts on Galapagos. That is definitely on our list of places to cruise.
    Best to you both, Dave, Diane, Suga, Ginny

  8. Peter Bjorseth · · Reply

    Greg there is a beautiful bay on the north side of HivaOha.Ozane lives there in a lovely island house. There is a freshwater stream there, crayfish out the front which they catch at night by torchlight, freshwater prawns in the mountain streams,wild goat ,what more can I say besides Paradise. Hope it’s still the same, Enjoy Peter Bjorseth

    1. Great to hear from you Mr Bjorseth! We are in Fatu Hiva right now and soaking this place up, diving, hiking, hunting for Coconut Crabs and getting friendly with the locals. Having a Pig Roast tonight in Hanavave, they went and got the pig yesterday and I was dying to go with them! We are on the move to Hiva Oa tomorrow and will definitely check that bay out. Hope all is well, and how is hunting for your next sailboat coming?

      There is a sweet Ferro Cement boat anchored right beside us right now! Legendary!

      Get Critter on a plane over here already!

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