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Out for a Walk

(Rautoanui Pass, Raiatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia) The surf’s up and the living is easy! The sun is out, the paddle boarding is sweet, our friends are rad, and a bunch of other things are equally fantastic, though that doesn’t sound near as cool so I’ll just stick with my initial statement. Some awesome days […]

Sharing the Car

  (Vairao, Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia) I went for a run this morning and couldn’t help think of the BC coast. I haven’t had the privilege of spending much time there, but that’s where all of Gregory’s family is from. And when we’ve ventured out to Powell River to visit Gregory’s grandmother Betty, the […]

Hanging Out with Friends

(Passe Tapuhiria, NW Makemo, Tuamotus, French Polynesia) As a follow-up on the acclaimed dogtooth tuna, there’s unfortunately still no victorious shot to display. It’s not for lack of trying! Eventhough we moved from Makemo’s northeast pass to its northwest, there’s still dogtooth tuna here to hangout with. And that’s really all that Gregory is doing. […]

Saskatchewan Highway or Tuatmotan Atoll Passage?

(Atoll East Side, Raroia, Tuamotus, French Polynesia) I can honestly say I found something in the vast ocean of the South Pacific that reminds me exactly of home. More than interesting because at first glance (and second, and third, and every number after that) the palm lined beaches of the Tuamotus and the wheat field […]

Day 1 – A Dolphin Send-Off

(Underway, xxx Nautical Miles) Ever since our friend Val told me her belief that dolphins bring good luck I’ve taken it as a cold, hard fact. Well actually, a warm and bubbly fact. For today as we set out into the rough and confused seas off Isla Isabela, the arrival of swarms of dolphins was […]

Tacking and Rays

(Ensenada Playa Grande, Isla San Jose, Las Perlas Islands, Panama) Ay yi yi. When will we learn? 26 hours later and we finally arrived in the Pearl Islands. Perhaps we’re stockpiling favourable wind direction for our South Pacific crossing? Yea that’s got to be it. That’s why the wind is continually blowing from the direction […]

Big Tide Woes

(Santa Catalina, Panama) Not too many pictures to show for today. Which means we were obviously way too busy doing a slew of stuff to take any. Greg surfed his now favourite break, Punta Roca. On the topic I seem to notice his favourite break tends to change a lot. And conveniently it just so […]

One Last

(Quepos, Costa Rica) One last day with the remaining crew. One last iguana to spot. One last set to catch. One last Oceanna sunset to take in. And one more Costa Rican creepy crawler to round up.  

Quepos Ups and Downs

(Quepos, Costa Rica) Last night we weren’t the keenest on Quepos. The anchorage was rough, choppy, and glowing in the lights of the nearby marina. This morning was a whole new ball game. The seas were glassy smooth and the surf was thumping just off the back steps. G Fresh and Maxy took to the […]

Our Sailing Rabbit’s Foot

(Isla del  Cano, Costa Rica) We’ve taken some guests out sailing in some not so perfect sailing weather – I’m looking at you Delma and Doug, and you too Mo! – and we’re left feeling like we’ve let them down. Let them down in the sense that they weren’t necessarily comfortable or enjoying themselves, but […]