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Finalizing for Frolicking

(Contradora, Pearl Islands, Panama) Like any good adventure/roadtrip/holiday/frolic there’s always a laundry list of coulda/woulda/shoulda’s left for the final minutes before take off. Lucky for us, our final moments were in the hands of the weather and Mother Nature granted us three beautiful days of finalizing in the equally beautiful Pearl Islands. I spent more […]

GFresh Video Diary to the Pearls

(Contradora, Pearl Islands, Panama) We gone! Panama City is in our rearview and there’s a whole lot of ocean out there waiting for us. For tonight and a couple to follow we’re posted up by Contradora in the Pearl Islands. Here we have internet to check the daily weather forecasts. Because now, that’s the only […]

Cheers to Panama City

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama) Tomorrow we’re up and out of here. Over the past two weeks we’ve updated Oceanna and polished her best bits. It’s been a blur of hardware stores, grocery aisles, and public transit, but our significantly lowered waterlines and completely crossed off to-do lists are a testament to our success. […]

Greg and Marie’s Big Day Out

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama) How do I explain today? The day Greg almost got arrested. No. The day Greg was in the scope of snipers. Nah. The day Greg was brought home by a Panamanian Navy officer and an official member of the Panamanian Presidential Guard. Not quite. The day not worrying about […]

Reviewing Our Latest Wins

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama) That wraps four days of serious errand running all around Panama City. We’ve put our bus passes to good use, even tried the new metro, but most of all, we’ve walked some serious holes in our otherwise forgotten shoes. We’re undoubtedly bagged at the end of each day, but […]

A Couple of Send of Parties

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama) As a final goodbye we met up with Stephen and Nicole for supper tonight. They had spent the day touring Panama City and taking in the Miraflores Locks of the Panama Canal. We had begun boat provisioning and had taken in a Pacific Puddle Jump party. An event that […]

The Urbanization of Sloths

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama) Here’s an affair that will have you throwing your hands up in the air at the ironic absurdity of it all, while simultaneously smiling ear to ear and throwing those same hands up in the air in pure triumph and awe. Today we finally saw a sloth!! Yes, after […]

Awarding the “Most Miles” Badges

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama) That seals it, Stephen and Nicole are officially our most travelled guests. With today’s arrival in Panama City they’ve covered upwards of 300 nautical miles on board Oceanna, and have been Grade A, cool-operating mates throughout it all. They’ve conquered the notorious Punta Mala, crossed the Gulf of Panama, navigated […]

Survivor Searching

(Isla Chapera and Mogo Mogo Channel, Las Perlas Islands, Panama) Since we are anchored beside the island where multiple seasons of Survivor have been filmed we figured we better go search for a forgotten immunity idol or something. Well there was nothing left to find, which, if you think about it, is really a good […]

Snapper for Everyone

(Isla Chapera and Mogo Mogo Channel, Las Perlas Islands, Panama) On the move again and more dirty jacks on the line. To make up for the less than spectacular trolling we got in underway, Greg and Steve were rewarded with a deluxe dive once we got the anchor down south of the Survivor Island, Isla […]