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Hiking Tapu with Ceasar

(Fare, Huahine, Society Islands, French Polynesia) Through an invitation from Kuhela, we spent today with the boys and a local guy named Ceasar. The aim of the day was to hike to the top of Mouatapu, or as Ceasar simply called it, Tapu. Tapu is the third tallest mountain on Huahine rising up to 429m […]

C’est Ma Fete

(Opunohu Bay, Moorea, Society Islands, French Polynesia) Happy Birthday to Me! Although a lady never tells her age I will say this is the first year I’ve been a little unsettled about my new number. Boo-hoo. Poor me. I know. Though I feel it’s a point worth noting – at least as something to look […]

The King of the Castle

(Hanamoenoa Bay, Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia) Bad news bears for the lobster trap this morning. After its bamboo-top refit yesterday, we went out and set the baited trap on the reef last night. We were using our flat, official CFL football as the float. Greg insisted this was because the football is harder for any […]

Hikes and Trades, Marquesan Style

(Bay of Virgins, Hanavave, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia) I was going to say every chart book, but that makes it sound like we have more than two, so both chart books that we have for the South Pacific toot the walk between Fatu Hiva’s two villages as a must do. After visiting Omoa last […]

Portobello Escapades

(Portobello, Panama) Yesterday was rainy and grey. After replacing the water impeller in the starboard engine the night before it still wasn’t pumping out water. Upon further investigation in the morning Greg learned that the raw water pump needs to be primed from above to get it working again. Chalk that up to insider tricks […]

Our Lisa Hike

(Salardup, San Blas, Panama) We had heard about the “Lisa Hike” since about the day we arrived in the San Blas. Prior to today we’d even attempted to go on it once. Unfortunately rain storms shut us down. But today was our day, and boy was it a day! The Lisa Hike, to be clear, […]