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Day 2 – Get It While It’s Hot!

(Underway, 135 Nautical Miles) “Get it while it’s hot!” Or should I say, “Get it while you’re tired.” Or better yet, “Get it while the other person is awake.” That’s how I felt about sleep today. After an unusual bout of night shifting I was left wanting. We usually get in two 3-hour shifts each, […]

GFresh Video Diary to the Pearls

(Contradora, Pearl Islands, Panama) We gone! Panama City is in our rearview and there’s a whole lot of ocean out there waiting for us. For tonight and a couple to follow we’re posted up by Contradora in the Pearl Islands. Here we have internet to check the daily weather forecasts. Because now, that’s the only […]

Acklins to Great Inagua

(Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas) Days like today I catch myself thinking – holy f*ck I’m sailing on the ocean. It then gets me marvelling in my present circumstance and pondering the ease at which we’ve transitioned into salty dogs. Like when did the phrases winch the jib sheet, hook the snubber, or fall off […]