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Day 9 – Welcome Wagons

(Underway, 85 Nautical Miles) No one, least of all me, is surprised how I woke up this morning. It was to Greg whispering softly in my ear … about fish.  This is my life. This morning’s sealife serenade was a little different though. Greg was whispering down through our hatch, we were drifting around on the […]

Day 8 – An Equator Corrobberee

(Underway, 55 Nautical Miles) Introducing the world’s four newest Shellbacks! The story goes that sailors who have not crossed the equator are affectionately referred to as Polliwogs. A goofy, somewhat demeaning name defined literally as tadpoles. It is not until a sailor has crossed – read sailed – over the unseeable, yet measurable bisecting line […]

Day 7 – If the Shoe Fits

(Underway, 90 Nautical Miles) Is it Day #7 out here already? Sheesh. Time flies when you’re having fun! I know these posts are becoming littered with perky cliches, as they say though, if the shoe fits! When we started out on this crossing we knew the average time it took to cover the miles. We also […]

Day 6 – Wandering Minds and Floating Nights

(Underway, 125 Nautical Miles) Can someone send me an Apple Crisp recipe? This was the thought I went to bed with last night. It’s funny the things that wander through your mind when out to sea. Don’t let my pondering make it seem like I’m not serious. If someone could have gotten me a recipe […]

Day 5 – Rolls-Royce Sailing

(Underway, 130 Nautical Miles) Following our two-hour drift last night it was full sail back up at 4 am and we were off! The wind steadily grew all morning and by the afternoon we had a liberating 10-12 knots of breeze blowing over our beam. A preferred point of sail for Oceanna, one she reacted to in […]

Day 4 – A Sad Catch and A Virginal Drift

(Underway, 120 Nautical Miles) Well we finally caught a fish. If you could call it that. It was the saddest fish in every sense of the experience. First of all, it was the tiniest little puffer fish you ever did see. And secondly, it didn’t even bite the hook so much as the hook bit […]

Day 3 – Dreaming, Sailing, and Sharpening

(Underway, 130 Nautical Miles) Life is still a dream out here. Over the day we were able to close the gap between Ednbal and Oceanna to 7.5 nautical miles. Then during tonight’s night shifts we managed to lose them once again. It certainly ain’t no freeway out here, but I have no doubt we’ll come […]

Day 2 – Get It While It’s Hot!

(Underway, 135 Nautical Miles) “Get it while it’s hot!” Or should I say, “Get it while you’re tired.” Or better yet, “Get it while the other person is awake.” That’s how I felt about sleep today. After an unusual bout of night shifting I was left wanting. We usually get in two 3-hour shifts each, […]

Day 1 – Unadulterated Glee

(Underway, 40 Nautical Miles) We awoke to our alarm clocks this morning. We had finally pulled the ripcord on the parachute that was our official leaving time. Yesterday we stamped this morning’s sunrise as our take-off. Along with our friends Roger and Sasha aboard Ednbal, we were destined for the Galapagos. Fast forward to our […]