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“Linger a Little”

(Anchored -Middle River, Ft Lauderdale, Florida) This is the wise advice we got from our new friend’s Steve and Truust. We met Steve and Truust while out for a paddle in our Ft Lauderdale anchorage (we’re ready to go to the Bahamas just waiting for a weather window). Steve and Truust own a 46 foot […]

Put Back Together

(Anchored -Middle River, Ft Lauderdale, Florida) Today was a cruely ironic day. On the way to drop my parents off at the airport I dropped Greg off at the Yanmar mechanic’s. By the time we had said our goodbyes and my parents were Canada bound, Greg was back at the boat with the part to […]

Our First Official Boat Guests . . . Got Shortchanged

(Anchored – MIddle River, Ft Lauderdale, Florida) A week with my parents aboard really went by too fast. I can honestly say I was sad to see them go, and I know, they were equally as sad to leave. Not because they were saying goodbye to their only daughter, but because in an entire week […]

Ft Lauderdale Break Down

(Anchored – Middle River, Ft Lauderdale, Florida) All has not been smooth sailing these last couple days on Oceanna. The port engine has developed something of an oil leak. Nothing detrimental, but certainly not ideal. As we’re heading south with no plans to return in the near future we’ve decided it’s best to fix the […]

Distinguishing Time

(Atlantic Ocean – Florida Coast) There’s something funny about time offshore. Or maybe it’s just all time when dealing with a boat? But here passed another day, I have one picture to show for it, and I couldn’t determine a single distinguishing moment. The sun shone. The boat moved. And to Greg’s disappointment, the fish didn’t […]

St Augustine Pit Stop

(Atlantic Ocean – Florida Coast) Although we’re covering distance like an epic road trip, sailing is far from the road trips I’m used to. I loved the Yota and everything, but I’m pretty sure Oceanna has it beat in every single department. The only thing so far that has resembled a roadtrip of past, is […]