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My Blog About Greg and Max

(Malpais, Costa Rica) I sometimes kid that I could rename “Oceanna the Boat” to “My Blog About Greg”. I imagine myself in some fanciful future reliving my sailing adventure days with a grandchild ineffectually insisting, no I really was there! Ha. Don’t get me wrong, Gregory knows how to operate a camera, but he probably […]

Surf and Turf

(Golfito, Costa Rica) I’m pretty sure the word “poser” died with Avril Lavigne sometime circa 2003. Well today we brought it back, and we brought it back with style! Surf posers at their finest. I wouldn’t say any of us necessarily caught a proper wave – unless you count Frankie body surfing into the beach […]

Seven Beach Activities

(Playa Mita Iberostar Resort, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico) On the seventh day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, seven beach activities. Pool life was certainly not exhausted, it’s just that beach life was so good today. I’m not sure where I was, but I missed the release of baby sea turtles. Baby. Sea. Turtles! Sheesh. […]

Tour de Santa Catalina

(Santa Catalina, Panama) While carpenter Greg was back on the boat crafting up a shelving unit to fill the hole that once housed our departed ice-maker, Mo and I hit the town on rented bikes. Much to my peddling-bliss chagrin, the nicely paved road doesn’t actually go that far. It quickly dead ends at a […]