Category 13 South Pacific Crossing

Day 19 – Land Ho!

(Underway, 105 Nautical Miles – Anchored Hanavave, Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia) As I opened my eyes the thought came to me, this is it, I should go up on deck and see land!  What I didn’t expect, was to go up on deck and have to begin steering to avoid hitting […]

Day 18 – Concerning the Ocean Floor

(Underway, 168 Nautical Miles) We’ve consulted the charts, triple checked our Navionics, and even remembered to carry the two, by all reasonable accounts it looks like tomorrow will be the day we finally see land! It’s weird to think that this offshore life we’ve become so accustomed to is going to end, but it’s oh […]

Day 17 – Obsession Number Two, HP

(Underway, 147 Nautical Miles) Me – “Hey Greg, can I write about your Harry Potter obsession?” Greg – “Ya, I’m proud of it, I don’t care who knows.” So there it is, Greg is head over heels for the incredibly entertaining adventures of the famed young wizard and he’s not afraid to admit it. I’m […]

Day 16 – Called into Action

(Underway, 162 Nautical Miles) Bad news bears on the SSB net again this morning. The boat with the broken shroud had snapped another, rendering sailing completely out of the question. With 500 nautical miles to go they had a lot of motoring ahead of them, problem was, they didn’t have enough fuel to get them […]

Day 15 – Home Life Thousands of Mile to Sea

(Underway, 164 Nautical Miles) I was going to say, I find it surprising how comfortable life is out here in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. That would be a lie. There’s nothing surprising about it. The wind is tame and steady, driving us forever towards our destination; the swell is decently sorted, pushing […]

Day 14 – While You Were Sleeping

(Underway, 154 Nautical Miles) Every morning, when both of us have finished our shifts of awake and asleep, there are 6-7 hours for each of us to catch the other up on. Yes there’s the drowsy changing of the guard particulars, but there’s always more to tell (and properly hear) in the bright, morning light. […]

Day 13 – Stashed and Obsessed

(Underway, 167 Nautical Miles) Living on a boat you get creative about how and where you store things. There’s no garage to vanish all the tools and outdoor toys to; and there’s no basement to confine your surplus goods, holiday decorations, and this-may-come-in-handy-in-the-next-two-to-twenty-years items. In lieu of a garage, we have a deck locker filled […]

Day 12 – Changing Time Zones

(Underway, 163 Nautical Miles) Greg rarely has much to do with the writing of these posts. Yes, he could easily be described as my muse, influencing content without trying, but never does he say, “hey, you should write about this.” Well today he did. Today he voiced his opinion and how am I to ignore […]

Day 11 – Halfway!

(Underway, 151 Nautical Miles) There’s no turning around now! Early this morning we hit the halfway point of our 3,000 nautical mile journey. An accomplishment all in itself. We celebrated by enjoying the consistent, wonderful nature that drives our day-to-day life out here. The wind remains the same, which means the sails remain the same. […]

Day 10 – Out of the Ballpark Day

(Underway, 169 Nautical Miles) As far as crossing days go, today was a Grade A, next level, out of the ballpark kind of day. I woke after my last shift of sleeping to find Greg thoroughly inspired in the fishing lure department. He had modified a wooden plug – on hand for emergency through-hull blow […]