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Paradise in the Perlas

(Ensenada Playa Grande, Isla San Jose, Las Perlas Islands, Panama) There’s a lot of good days here on Oceanna. Hell there’s a lot of great days. This day though, this day goes right at the top of the list. After two back to back 90 nautical mile passages resulting in 45 hours underway it was […]

Tacking and Rays

(Ensenada Playa Grande, Isla San Jose, Las Perlas Islands, Panama) Ay yi yi. When will we learn? 26 hours later and we finally arrived in the Pearl Islands. Perhaps we’re stockpiling favourable wind direction for our South Pacific crossing? Yea that’s got to be it. That’s why the wind is continually blowing from the direction […]

Steve’s Comeback and Pansy Punta Mala

(Underway, Benao – Las Perlas, Panama) So I poked a little fun at Steve and his string of bad luck while out of his element the other day. No such words will come out of my mouth today. Today Steve was lighting it up! Today was Stephen’s day. First things first, this morning he hit […]

Dirty Jack Attack

(Benao, Panama) 90 nautical miles, 19 hours on the water, endless bites on the lines, many an epic struggles to reel in the big guys, and not one edible fish. (Well not for us fish snobs anyhow.) As I said, the lines were anything but quiet. We were getting bite after bite and the boys […]

Sparkling Dolphins!!!

(Underway, Santa Catalina – Benao, Panama) Sparkling dolphins! What else is there to say? Tonight we left Santa Catalina at 10pm for the 90 nautical mile passage to Benao. As we pulled out from behind the island and set our course we had the most thrilling surprise. The familiar sound of breaching dolphins had us rushing […]

Steve’s New Profession

(Santa Catalina, Panama) I’d like to be the first to tell you all that Stephen Evans is taking up a new profession. Introducing the world’s newest Surf Photographer! He’s even got a jazzy new uniform to go with it. Geared up with the camera, pelican case, and trusty straw hat Stephen set up shop in […]

Big Tide Woes

(Santa Catalina, Panama) Not too many pictures to show for today. Which means we were obviously way too busy doing a slew of stuff to take any. Greg surfed his now favourite break, Punta Roca. On the topic I seem to notice his favourite break tends to change a lot. And conveniently it just so […]

“Follow the North Star”

(Santa Catalina, Panama) Since we just experienced a new moon – look at me and my astrology knowledge! – we’ve been having really dark nights with next to no light. Perfect circumstances for seeing the amazing bioluminescence. In fact we’re falling into quite a routine of evening showers off the back steps. Yes, you get […]

Definitely Not Stephen’s Day

(Santa Catalina, Panama) If yesterday’s town stroll was Stephen’s Oceanna warm up, today he dove head first into the main event. Or should I say ass first? Gregory went out to surf Punta Roca (Rock Point) and Stephen went with him to spectate. After a very short time Stephen was back to Oceanna to grab […]

Rambling with the Newly Minted Evans’

(Santa Catalina, Panama) Yesterday we had a changing of the guard here on Oceanna. Jocelyn and Wade caught the morning bus out, while Stephen and Nicole (Greg’s brother and sister-in-law) caught the afternoon bus in. As with all new guests, today we spent their first day working on their sunburns. Santa Catalina is one of […]