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A Next Level Video to Fill the Void :::: Scroll Down for New Posts

(Jaco, Costa Rica) More days have passed and I’ve got no posts to show for it. What I do have is an amazing video put together by our pal Ryan Moore who was down visiting during the beginning of January. He put his GoPro to great use capturing so many timeless memories. Everything from fishing underway […]

A New Year’s Update

(Islas Tortugas, Costa Rica) First off, we are not the Catamaran that recently sunk off the coast of Costa Rica! No cause for alarm or worry for Oceanna. Although we are in the exact same area and spent the last three days at the islands it was destined for. Now, I must say I am […]

Back to the Water

(Quepos, Costa Rica) Every year that we’ve gone skiing for the holidays there’s a sad and wasteful moment when we’re packing up to leave where all the half-used condiments and the ill-purchased, industrial-sized block of cheese go in the dumpster. Okay, if I’m being totally honest we all know my Mom packs all that stuff […]

The End of Foy Family Holidays

(Quepos, Costa Rica) That’s it, that’s all. It’s over. Quinn and Kristi left yesterday; Uncle Greg, Auntie Susie and Uncle Wayne this morning. Now we’re left with a skeleton crew for one last night in the big house. I’ve always hated goodbyes because I can never find the words to properly express how much what […]

One Last

(Quepos, Costa Rica) One last day with the remaining crew. One last iguana to spot. One last set to catch. One last Oceanna sunset to take in. And one more Costa Rican creepy crawler to round up.  

New Year’s Eve

(Quepos, Costa Rica) New Year’s Eve went a little like this…    

We Caught a Bird

(Quepos, Costa Rica) With Auntie Susie and Uncle Wayne staying on the boat last night we were free to take off at first light in an attempt to catch some fish. Now Greg will insist I cursed the day when I asked the day before how he’d like his Mahi cooked, and if that excuse […]

Sailing, Paddling, Spearfishing, and a Beach Bonfire

(Punta Quepos, Costa Rica) You read that right, we anchored somewhere different tonight. It was an action packed day with so many firsts crammed in it’ll be hard to mention them all without sounding like a runaway list. First off the hop: Sailing. For many it was their first time aboard Oceanna under sail. This […]

Down Two, Up Some Za

(Quepos, Costa Rica) Bummer day today as we’re down two people. Today Shea and Tasha flew out. Cold hard proof that this awesome time isn’t going to last forever. Sigh. Before they left though we were able to get in some table crib. A Foy Family staple that was carelessly forgotten until today. I would […]

Wave Dreams Realized

(Quepos, Costa Rica) After yet another prime breakfast… (I don’t believe I’ve given Foy Family Christmas breakfasts enough post space as of yet. They’re the only meals Jeffy boy cooks all year round and they leave you wanting not. If you’re prepared to jump when your name is hollered from the kitchen you’ll be served […]