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Land of Living Skies 2.0

(Santa Catalina, Panama) The licence plate slogan of my home province is Land of Living Skies. While I firmly stand by this moniker – the skies of Saskatchewan are beautiful – I’d be lying if I said the views off Oceanna couldn’t give my green plates a run for their money. Wherever we are the […]

Tour de Santa Catalina

(Santa Catalina, Panama) While carpenter Greg was back on the boat crafting up a shelving unit to fill the hole that once housed our departed ice-maker, Mo and I hit the town on rented bikes. Much to my peddling-bliss chagrin, the nicely paved road doesn’t actually go that far. It quickly dead ends at a […]

Panama Thanksgiving

(Santa Catalina, Panama) With no turkeys in sight we spent this Thanksgiving with the wonderful things we’ve got. A year ago today we enjoyed a beautiful dinner at my relatives in Saskatoon, no doubt trying to convince a couple Great Aunts that we were in fact going to sail around the world. And here we […]

Bienvenidos Santa Catalina

(Santa Catalina, Panama) As the sun rose this morning our destination came into sight. Isla Santa Catalina anchorage and her duly named point break. After the rodeo anchorage that was Benoa, to come around the leeward side of Isla Santa Catalina and see a calm, sunsoaked anchorage was more than reason enough to celebration. The […]

Almost Tacking

(Underway – Panamanian Pacific Coast) Lord love a duck. (Mo’s starting to rub off on me!) Today we may have made a very large error in judgement. Today we went against a cardinal rule of sailing – rules being based on sailing superstition – and began a passage on a Friday. I recently read a […]

Boat Memos

(Benao, Panama) In an effort to minimize bickering on board, we’ve implemented the “Boat Memo”. A calm, blame-free way to essentially tell the other person they’re effing up. A light sampling of memos to date: – Please walk the swim ladder all the way up refraining from dropping it on the back steps. Thanks! (Read: […]

Dolphin Escort and A Beach Break

(Benao, Panama) With the squall dodging behind us, this morning we were ushered into our anchorage by our very own pod of dolphins! Three large bottlenose dolphins were playing in our bows with a fourth keeping a safe distance. After what I can only imagine was an appropriate sussing out period the fourth made its […]

On the Run

(Underway – Gulf of Panama) I was raised Catholic but as I get older I’m unsure how my loyalty lies. I want to believe there’s something grander out there, I’m just not sure it’s what I’ve been told. So many people have so many varying beliefs about the omnipresent, who’s to say mine can’t be my […]

Mercado to Bona

(Isla Bona, Panama) Today’s the day we finally leave Panama City! It’s been a real slice and we’ve made even more updates and upgrades to Oceanna, but it is time to go and leave the city life to the city folk. Munching on my own words first and foremost, we did make one last voyage […]

Casco Viejo

(La Playita, Panama City, Panama) With Greg’s big parts round-up complete yesterday, he had multiple projects ready for completion today. Greg is the first to admit he is a one-man working operation. He prefers to be alone, and even more prefers if you’re out of the flipping way. So while I feel bad that I’m […]