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Halloween Bats and Panama Stamps

(Boca Chica, Panama) Oh my goodness I was too busy ranting about Panamanian clearance costs yesterday that I forgot to mention the best/worst thing. To properly ring in Halloween – and to add to my irrational bird fear – we had bats swooping IN to the boat last night. The double sliding doors that separate the cockpit from the […]


(Bocha Chica, Panama) Today’s Spanish lesson: ciento. Ciento – adjective (used in compound numbers) : one hundred. Now let’s set the scene. We made a run into David (pronounced Dav-eed) for one last cheap Price Smart provisioning and to clear out of the country. Specifically to get our passports stamped exiting Panama. As the process so mind-boggling goes, we spent a […]

Magical Surf and an Oceanna Photoshoot

(Boca Chica, Panama) Today started off the way mornings here on Oceanna have been starting off. With Gregory heading out to catch the morning swell. Now he always returns enthusiastic. There may be a new bruise on the body or a new ding to the board, but the guy is always positive and entirely stoked […]

Pacific Bliss

(Isla Silva de Afuera, Panama) So this morning we really did leave. Destination Isla Silva. A tiny spec on our charts that represented a beautiful little island with near 360 degrees of peeling waves. The sail over was 50 nautical miles. Almost ten hours of blue skies, calm seas, and completely serene motor-sailing. I loved […]

Surf Comes First

(Santa Catalina, Panama) About leaving on Monday…. we didn’t. Greg went out for one last early morning surf and as the minutes turned into hours, and I came to the end of the preparing to depart tasks, I began to contemplate three possibilities for the ever-lengthening surf session. One, Gregory’s hurt himself and is currently […]

oceannatheboat Turns One

(Santa Catalina, Panama) Well the surf arrived, but with it came an angry wind. A friend and fellow cruiser calls it “Victory at Sea”. Meaning us of the human variety need to bow out and concede victory to Poseidon and his waters. That didn’t stop the boys from surfing though. 5:30 am chimed and Greg […]

Swell Scheduling

(Santa Catalina, Panama) Earlier this week we did an odd thing and sat down and scheduled our lives for the next couple weeks. With Greg’s brother’s wedding fast approaching we need to ensure we’re in Costa Rica sooner than later. When looking at how many days we’ve got and the distance we need to cover, […]

The Boat that Cried Surf

(Santa Catalina, Panama) We’ve now been in Santa Catalina for 13 days. A relatively long period of time for our nomad ways that has passed by in the blink of an eye. (Believe me, I had to look it up on a calendar.) It’s not hard to remember where all that time has gone, the […]

The Final Results and The Ding Doc

(Santa Catalina, Panama) Today’s the day we had to say goodbye to Mo. We packed her up and shipped her off on the 8am bus, and then I fell into a mild depression. It could have been a result of losing a great friend and partner in crime aboard Oceanna, or it may be due […]

PDA, Copulating, and Diving at Coiba

(Santa Catalina, Panama) I don’t want this to taint what was otherwise an awesome day, but I have to say it. Mo and I went on a dive boat out to Coiba today and unbeknownst to us we signed up for the PDA boat. Public Displays of Affection. Never been a fan. Obviously though, the […]