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Photo Credit

(Taganga, Colombia) Not much to report, but happily still photos to share. A credit that must solely and graciously be given to Delma. It has been a real treat to have her taking (and sharing) photos during their visit. Also, I have taken to captioning the photos I post. Not a regular occurrence, but something […]

Chores and Victory

(Taganga, Colombia) Boat chores, boat chores. They persist regardless of visitors. The up side though is there are more people to put to work! Today’s job, scrubbing the growth off the bottom of Oceanna’s hulls. Before we arrived in Colombia we didn’t have much algae or barnacles building up on the bottom paint. Here in […]

Delma Salty-Dog Evans

(Taganga, Colombia) Following our “terrorizing” sail over to Tayrona Park yesterday, Delma was considering every possible alternative mode of transport back. In her mind sailing back was about as appealing as undergoing a root canal by a T-Rex. She was literally tossing up walking back over the substantial sized hill in the heat of Colombian mid […]

Greg “Terrorizes” Delma

(Ensonada Concha, Tayrona Park, Colombia) If I’m being honest, we didn’t take Doug and Delma out in the nicest of seas. In the same breath though, they certainly weren’t the worst. A quick 10 nautical mile hop from Taganga to Concha Bay was enough to properly “terrorize” Delma and bring on a bout of sea […]

A Bird in Taganga

(Taganga, Colombia) Save a flight-deficient bird, tour the dirt streets of a Colombian beach town, and eat the most delectable crepes that would put a French Creperia to shame. Doubt I would have ever put that list together on my own, but it all happened today. Hell, it all happened before 3 o’clock. Now I know […]

Time to Pull the Dock Lines

(Taganga, Colombia) To date we have been at dock in Santa Marta Marina for two weeks. A serious length of time for us to be – one, at a marina, and two, in one place. But now that we have Doug and Delma, and as Doug so aptly put it “he is down to only […]

Easy, Cruisey, Beautiful Oceanna Life

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) Boat life is a treat each and every day, but to get to share it with others – especially Greg’s parents – is even better. And that’s about all we did today. Regular old boat life. Deadly breakfast (most important meal of the day!), chores, groceries, roaming Santa Marta, […]

The Evans’ are in Colombia!

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) Fiction: Greg’s father packs plastic explosives on public airlines. Fact: A Homeland Security Officer scored themselves four tubes of UV Resistant 3M 4000 Silicon. We were perfectly on time to meet Greg’s parents, Delma and Doug, at the airport this morning. Unfortunately their luggage wasn’t on the same beat. Like […]

EHS and Armed Homeboys

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) Since quitting my job back in October 2013 I have been continuously plagued by a mild yet altering disease. Symptoms include (but are not limited to) weight gain, lethargy, unexplained contentedness, and undeserved personal rewarding in the form of food or gifts. It wasn’t until a few days ago […]

Fiebre Amarilla and Waves

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) This morning we ventured out to the Red Cross Clinic to get free Yellow Fever vaccinations. Not that either of us our some sort of vaccination junky, but now that we’ve been in Colombia, to clear into Panama we have to have the Yellow Fever vaccine. Now for anyone […]