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Caribbean Night Shift Ramblings

(Underway, Caribbean Sea) Relentless. Relentless is my new word for the ocean. Not vast. Not scenic. Not blue. Relentless. On tonight’s shifts we were treated to a full moon that illuminated the wet world around Oceanna. It was so bright I could have sat in the cockpit and read my book with no headlight. I […]

Kite vs Sailboat

(Underway, Caribbean Sea) Two days of watching countless kites fly by the boat and I had worked up the gumption to strap myself back in. To date my very short kiting career has been less than successful, so I’m getting a little tentative towards the launch. As Greg continues to preach at me “learn by […]

Kite Blow Out

(Puerto Velero, Colombia) After a day of kiting fails yesterday we opted to stay at Puerto Velero for another day to try to redeem our kiting spirits. Greg spent the morning doing more repairs on his kite. Yesterday he found that one of the valves for the kite’s air bladder had blown off leaving it […]

A Noteworthy Day

(Puerto Velero, Colombia) After a night back at Taganga (because winds were screaming offshore) I don’t know who was in more of a hurry to get away from the marina, Greg or Oceanna. Evidently it was Oceanna. If we’re sailing anywhere between 7 and 9 knots we’re quite happy and feel like we’re making great […]

The To Do List

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) The infamous To Do List never ends. We’ve been hard at it the last couple days to tick off as many items as possible before we leave the marina, and unlimited water and power. I’d say we’ve done pretty good, and that Santa Marta has been more than good to […]

Thanks for the Visit

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) Today we said adios to Greg’s parents Doug and Delma. It’s hard to believe that two weeks are up already. It seems like just yesterday we were leading them down the dock to set eyes on Oceanna for the first time. We are so happy they made the trip […]

The Vengeance of Oceanna

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) Yesterday was our second and last day in Cartagena. We spent the day in true cruising tourist form – marine stores in the morning, followed by a museum and souvenir shopping in the afternoon. Ya we did. We set out first thing in search of a proper marine store. […]

Coming at Ya Cartagena

(Hostal Santo Domingo, Cartagena, Colombia) I wouldn’t say I’m an A+ tourist, and our trip to Cartagena is no exception. The amount I knew about Cartagena before we went was very little, and what I did know was mostly told to me 10 minutes prior to leaving by a friend at the marina. I had […]

Canada Day in Minca

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) Here we are in Colombia on Canada Day! Although there’s not a slice of free cake to go collect downtown, we still had one stellar day. (And as a private hurrah, Greg didn’t shoot off any flares in an attempt to create a firework display for us. Because I’m […]

Final Happy Move

(Marina Santa Marta, Santa Marta, Colombia) I can’t tell if Doug and Delma were such happy boaters today because they were finally getting their sea legs and were seriously enjoying themselves, or because it was a calm, short move that was to be our last during their visit? Regardless we’re docked up back in the […]