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A Problemo with our Motto

(Cabo Rojo, Dominican Republic) Uggggghhhhhhhhhh. Again there is little I want to talk about regarding the journey east. Tacking in the choppy sea is not fun. It’s hard on the boat, and it’s hard on the people on the boat. I will say this though – I feel like I should make an infomercial for […]

Philip’s Advice

(Off the coast of Southern Haiti, Caribbean Sea) Over the last couple days we’ve been chatting with a sailor named Philip. There isn’t a sailing catastrophe that hasn’t happened to this guy. His boat has been struck by lightning, he sailed in the eye of hurricane Irene, and he hit a floating c-can and sunk […]

Cruisey Life

(Port Morgan, Ile-a-Vache, Haiti) Very cruisey day today. Spent the morning out on the paddle boards exploring outside the bay. We even found a weird point where swell was breaking in about three different directions onto each other. Greg spent some time attempting to catch a wave or two, while I spent some time watching […]

To Market to Market

(Port Morgan, Ile-a-Vache, Haiti) I’ve been weary of writing this post as I know no combination of words I string together will properly describe the life and breath of our experiences today. Even going back through the pictures, they do little to capture our morning to Madame Bernard’s Market. Upon arriving into Port Morgan (Baie […]

Eff Tacking

(Off the coast of Southern Haiti, Caribbean Sea) Fact: No amount of focused brain function or sheer will power will cause the sun to rise any earlier. Fiction: Tacking is fun. There is very little about today that I wish to talk about. I woke up to the sun rising and Greg dodging tiny Haitian […]

The Windless Passage

(Windward Passage) We set out this morning at 3:30am. Once we were clear of Great Inagua Island the wind filled in, we were full sail, and on our way. On our way straight for the lightning. Lightning turned out to be the theme of today. We sailed into it as we waited for the sun […]