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Flying Home

(Wilmington Marine Center – Wilmington, NC) Well we didn’t get up at 3am. We did make 4:15 though. Anchor up and we were out the Bight and headed home by five. Sailing in the dark I wonder what people ever did before modern-day GPS and electronics. Sailors of past must have had balls of steel, […]

Cape Lookout Anchoring School

(Anchored – Cape Lookout, NC) This morning we moved Oceanna out to a mooring ball across from Bird Shoal. A small island inhabited by a herd of wild horses. North Carolina, particularly the Beaufort area, is famous for its wild horses (that link is for you Mom) that roam the Outer Banks. We took the dinghy […]

The Maiden Voyage

(Beaufort, NC) It was anchors up at 6:30 this morning, and we were out Masonboro Inlet onto the Atlantic for sunrise. Following Logan on Gemini we had the built-in comfort of camaraderie, not to mention experience close by. But all in all, this was Greg and mine and Oceanna’s first salty outing together. When the […]

Making it Official and Meeting the Officials

(Anchored – Wrightsville Beach, NC) This week was filled with provisioning and a bunch of little odds and ends. A great week of prep though, because today was a big day filled with some long-awaited milestones, and one particular event we were hoping to avoid. Today we were scheduled to leave the marina to start off […]