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Flying Home

(Wilmington Marine Center – Wilmington, NC) Well we didn’t get up at 3am. We did make 4:15 though. Anchor up and we were out the Bight and headed home by five. Sailing in the dark I wonder what people ever did before modern-day GPS and electronics. Sailors of past must have had balls of steel, […]

Cape Lookout Anchoring School

(Anchored – Cape Lookout, NC) This morning we moved Oceanna out to a mooring ball across from Bird Shoal. A small island inhabited by a herd of wild horses. North Carolina, particularly the Beaufort area, is famous for its wild horses¬†(that link is for you Mom) that roam the Outer Banks. We took the dinghy […]

The Maiden Voyage

(Beaufort, NC) It was anchors up at 6:30 this morning, and we were out Masonboro Inlet onto the Atlantic for sunrise. Following Logan on Gemini we had the built-in comfort of camaraderie, not to mention experience close by. But all in all, this was Greg and mine and Oceanna’s first salty outing together. When the […]

Making it Official and Meeting the Officials

(Anchored – Wrightsville Beach, NC) This week was filled with provisioning and a bunch of little odds and ends. A great week of prep though, because today¬†was a big day filled with some long-awaited milestones, and one particular event we were hoping to avoid. Today we were scheduled to leave the marina to start off […]