Category 02 Getting Oceanna Ready

Installation Guide First

(WIlmington, NC) We received an important piece of mail today thanks to Greg’s Mom Delma, and were able to go pick up our new watermaker. Greg got a mounting board set in the watermaker locker ready for install tomorrow, and then he did something I’ve never seen him do before. He sat down and read […]

Lessons Learned

(Wilmington, NC) A helpful tip that Greg would like to share with the masses is – nothing sticks to Starboard. Starboard is a white marine grade high-density polyethylene building sheet – that nothing sticks to. This is a lesson that Greg learnt the hard way. In order to mount fishing rod holders and some other […]

Another Day, Another Milk Crate

(Wilmington, NC) As we gear up (or down?) to make a run back to Canada, boat tasks have moved toward cleaning and organizing. Up until now the boat has been a construction site. There’s no point to put anything away if it’s just going to have to come back out tomorrow. With the floorboards, wallboards, […]

The Quiver

(Wilmington, NC) Greg has called the boat The Boarding and Spearing Mothership, and the stars continue to align to ensure we’ll be well equipped with boards to back the name. After days of searching for a gun surfboard (a longer, sleeker board for big waves), Greg had basically given up. There aren’t many around this area […]

The Little Things

(Wilmington, NC) Not everyday can see massive, obvious changes on the boat – heck, we can only paint the whole thing once! – but everyday there is forward progress nonetheless, and lately it’s been about the little things. Little projects that are hugely satisfying when they’re done, crossed off the list, and finally working correctly. […]

Maybe We Should Have Bought a Boat in SOUTH Carolina

(Wilmington, NC) I’m getting really tired of talking about how brutal of a winter they’re having down here in North Carolina, so here’s some pictures.

Rain Day – Errand Day

(Wilmington, NC) Rain day means errand day here on Oceanna. And today it rained all flipping day so we got a lot of errands done. Laundry, check. Metal recycling where I was worth my weight in aluminum, check. West Marine where we came across another steal and picked up a cooler for half price, check. […]

Steals and Seams

(Wilmington, NC) Yesterday we got an offer we couldn’t refuse. We were in West Marine and they had a 130W solar panel, regular $600, on sale for $70! Do we want it? Puh-lease, heck yes we want it! We certainly didn’t have a new solar panel on the list, we were quite happy with the […]

Trimming the Sails

(Wilmington, NC) In preparation for our new sails arriving at the end of next week, we thought it about time to deal with our old sails. We had researched our options on how best to get rid of them. They’re old and worn so one doesn’t have a lot of choices, and throwing them directly […]

A Garbage Can of Diesel

(Wilmington, NC) A full garbage can of diesel, just what everyone wants sitting in their home. That’s what we had today. After changing the fuel filters on the two yanmars, then taking Oceanna for a quick cruise out the river, Greg was disappointed to find filters were already filthy. This inspired the construction of his very […]