Category 02 Getting Oceanna Ready

Tramp On

(Wilmington, NC) This morning the trampoline install was complete. Of all the changes we have made to the boat, this really was the icing on the cake. If she didn’t look like a new boat before, she definitely does now. And we may have to start calling it the “net”, because regardless of its name, […]

Expanding Sailing Knowledge

(Wilmington, NC) A huge thank you goes out to our friends Menno and Val today. This morning they came down to the marina and the four of us took Oceanna for a sail. A sail with two sails! Since all the hardware is now in, this morning’s sail was the first time the main had […]

Greg Hearts Clorox

(Wilmington, NC) I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Greg’s strong fondness for Clorox, but if I have it’s worth mentioning again anyhow. The boy has a real funny relationship with it. In the moment, it’s pure love and adoration for its superior whitening abilities. An admiration so strong that it matches the strength at which […]

Willing Turtles and a Functional Mainsail

(Wilmington, NC) Business as usual yesterday. Laundry, West Marine, Hardware Store, and turtles. Yup, we talked about turtles so much we actually willed them into our lives. We found these guys out for a walk, with their owner, on the way home from boat errands. I am now going to make a habit of talking […]

Provisioning Uptown and Cruising Downtown

(Wilmington, NC) I’m unsure whether to say “Thank You Costco!” or “You’re Welcome Costco”. On the one hand we have started provisioning, buying the vast majority of things we need to take with us. This includes everything from shampoo to enough rice to last us two lifetimes. While on the other hand, provisioning isn’t cheap! […]

We’re Sailing!!

(Wilmington, NC) This is what you would have heard me screaming if you passed by us out on the water today. “We’re Sailing! We’re Sailing!!” If you looked closely, you may have even seen some fist pumps and a high-five. After he finished showing off his homemade spear, Greg spent the morning cleaning the five […]

The First of the Final Touches

(Wilmington, NC) Back to life on the boat. We actually got back on Friday morning, but a red-eye from Seattle on thursday night coupled with an unforgiving 3 hour time change, it took until today to have anything worth writing about. We are less than 3 weeks out from our set departure date (weather permitting), […]

We’ve Got Sails!

(Princeton, West Virginia) What’s a sailboat without sails? Not something we have to worry about anymore, as our brand new sails showed up today! What are sails without wind? Useless if you’re trying to get somewhere, but perfect if you’re trying to put them on your boat at dock. So as Murphy’s Law would have it, […]

Olympic Gold and A Near Perfect Score in Docking

(Wilmington, NC) Tomorrow we strike out on the open road, so today is the last of organizing packing, and of course, receiving more mail. Greg is pretty stoked on his new carbon fiber fins, compliments of a stellar deal from Carlos on eBay. Today we planned on taking Oceanna out for a cruise down the […]

For the Waves Brah

(Wilmington, NC) This thing is really coming together. Everyday we’re another step closer to setting sail. Today the watermaker was installed. Greg’s installation is really slick. The clark pump is tucked back on the bottom shelf to protect it, and the instrument panel is perfectly mounted on the top corner to have it out-of-the-way and […]