Category 01 Getting to Oceanna

Delivering Boat Invites

(Regina, Saskatchewan – Okotoks, Alberta – Calgary, Alberta – Kelowna, BC – Powell River, BC – Victoria, BC) We came back to Canada to bring the Yota and the Boler home, but more importantly, to see our family and friends. After the initial stop in Saskatchewan, we made it through Alberta with a sweet stop […]

Farm Kids

(Moosomin, SK) Back in Moosomin the only work task was to get the last of our belongings stored away at the farm. A task made a little more entertaining by the outfits required because of the frigid temperatures. Greg may have me remove this picture of him so feast your eyes on those little coveralls […]

Home Soil

(Moosomin, Saskatchewan) I love the Yota and am very thankful how far it’s got us, but I was having a hard time thinking of a less desirable place to be. Truck fever had definitely set in over the last day, so I was very happy to make it to the border today. Another crossing, and another […]

Ohio You Win, Indiana Take a W Too

(I-39 Rest Stop, Illinois) What a fricking day. Where do I even start? We got a great start to the day, up and on the road by 6am. We were poised to have a huge day and get a lot of kilometers behind us. As we crossed the border into Ohio we were all eyes […]

We’ve Got Sails!

(Princeton, West Virginia) What’s a sailboat without sails? Not something we have to worry about anymore, as our brand new sails showed up today! What are sails without wind? Useless if you’re trying to get somewhere, but perfect if you’re trying to put them on your boat at dock. So as Murphy’s Law would have it, […]

Oceanna Sighting

(Wilmington, North Carolina – Wilmington Marine Center, Boler) I feel like we’ve had a lot of big days on this trip already but today is yet another big day. Today is the day we finally set eyes on Oceanna. We finally made it. At first glance we were overjoyed. After months of looking at the […]

North Carolina and Boler Living

(Moorehead City, North Carolina) Against the odds we made it to North Carolina and boy does it feel good! We stopped for the customary North Carolina photo-op, and then stopped again for some Toyota headlight adjustments. Red Green styles. The driver side headlight was smashed by our friend, the Ohio Corn Deer, so we had […]

Toyota for Life

(Cross Lanes, West Virginia – Holiday Inn) Good morning Insterstate 35. Turns out this is real life. We woke up to a Ohio State Trooper knocking on the door. He had obviously been filled in on our situation and just wanted to make sure we were doing alright. We spent the next couple hours surveying […]

Ohio Corn Deer

(Interstate 35, Ohio – Crash Site between Washington Court House and Chillicothe) Nothing like waking up to the sound of gun shots. Hunting season started yesterday. How do we know? Believe me we’ve been told – the border patrol officer in the gas station wearing his bullet-proof vest because he doesn’t trust the local hunter’s […]

Crossing the Border

(Clearwater, Minnesota – Windows and More parking lot) BIG DAY! Today is the day we headed for the border.  To say we weren’t nervous about this step of the trip would be a complete lie. As the border patrol officer told us, he’s “the judge, the jury, and the executioner”. So with a truck full […]