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Programming Note: New Zealand Bound!!

(Nuku’alofa, Otu Tolu Group, Tonga) The cupboards are stocked, the sails are ready, and the engine is started. We’ve been watching the weather for ever and today is our day to set out for New Zealand! There’s 1000 nautical miles of South Pacific Ocean between us and our destination. Not that long compared to our […]

Programming Note: Marquesas Bound

(Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabella, Galapagos) Here we go! It’s anchors up in the Galapagos tomorrow morning and we’re off 3,000 nautical miles across the South Pacific Ocean. Next stop the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia. The island of Hiva Oa to be exact. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot more to say on the destination, […]

Programming Note: Galapagos Bound

(Contradora, Pearl Islands, Panama) So it’s decided. We pull up anchor here in Panama’s Pearl Islands tomorrow morning to make the 1,000 nautical mile journey to the Galapagos! Things to know: The passage should take us 7 to 10 days. It includes the crossing of the equator! A sure enough reason for any sailor to […]

Making Our Way to the Flats

(The Flats, Colon Harbour, Panama) A bird memo must have went out that we were giving free rides, because today we had a Booby on the boat. At least that’s what kind of bird I’m calling it because it’s just fun to say. Today we were headed into the large commercial port of Colon. Cristobal […]

Programming Note – Around the Site

(West Coco Bandero, San Blas, Panama) Hola Senores y Senoritas. I just want to take a quick moment to point out some things around the blog. Track Us – As we’re headed for the Panama Canal soon, our trackline will stop doing repetitive loops around the San Blas. For a real-time location of where we […]

Programming Note – The Lost Bahamas Files

With our own departure to the Bahamas coming ever nearer, it’s been a good reminder (more like a good kick in the ass!) to get the posts up from our visit in December. In December our friends Logan and Caroline invited us to come to the Bahamas on their boat Gemini. You can read about […]

Programming Note – Track Us and a Scheduling Apology

Two quick notes I wanted to make. First off, you can now track Oceanna in real-time! We’ve invested in a satellite GPS tracker which transmits tracking information to a map that anyone can look in on. How to get there? On our home page, at the top right, I’ve added an additional page called “Track […]

Programming Note – November 2013

Over the last couple days I’ve been able to go back and work on filling in the pieces of our adventure that weren’t on the blog yet. I’m happy to say that November 2013 is now posted. If you want to go back in the archives and take a look, sweet. I recommend at least […]