We’re Greg and Kaycee, welcome to our adventure!

From the first day I met Greg he was buying a sail boat aGreg and Kayceend sailing around the world. In fact, on our third date he, with equal parts disappointment and excitement, announced to me “You ruined yacht week”. He wasn’t running off to yacht week in a couple months anymore.

But here we are less than two years later and the sailing adventure has begun! Greg bought a sail boat, we both quit our jobs, and we’re headed south.

Oceanna, the boat, is a Lagoon 410 Catamaran and she’s areal beaut!   As we start off she’s waiting for us down in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I guess I should mention that we are a couple of Canadians with about zero hours of sailing experience between the two of us. It should be an adventure alright!

Check back here for updates on our progress, failures, location, and most certainly, a slew of photos and videos which Greg insists will be epic.

(If you’d like to contact us feel free to send an email to kayceejm@hotmail.com)


  1. Margaret Crossley · · Reply

    Hi Kaycee – Tim just forwarded one of your recent posts – what an amazing adventure you are on – looks so exciting! You and your special friend look very happy – and that is nice to see too. I will enjoy following your progress and learning vicariously about life on a yacht! You are living the dream, Kaycee! Best wishes, Margaret (and Tom)

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words Margaret! We’re very happy and pretty darn excited for the adventure to come. It’s great to hear from you, I hope everything with you and Tom are well. I hear you are living out in BC now.

  2. You are absolutely amazing Miss Kaycee! What a true inspiration you two are … To sail around the world is something on my bucket list so I will be checking in often to live vicariously through your fabulous adventures! Truly proud and honored to follow your travels. Keep in touch and don’t forget to write. 🙂


    1. Well you sure know how to make a girl blush Denise! Thank you for all those overly kind words and thanks for checking in on the blog. I hope our adventures get away from the dock soon and are a bit more interesting to follow.
      I hope everything is great with you and Mayson.

  3. Fair winds and blue skies,
    Best of luck,
    Greg and the harbor freight crew.

    1. Cheers Greg! Wish all the best to you guys, It was such a treat having Harbour Freight as our neighbour while setting Oceanna up!

  4. Jan Barregar · · Reply

    Hi Greg, was over at your Mum and Dad’s yesterday dropping off Mum’s Avon and Dad was busy at the computer making plans to visit you both. Dad showed me the dolphin video OH MY GOSH, how wonderful was that to witness.

    Mum jotted down your website and I have been scrolling through your March and April entries so far and watching the dolphin video again this morning.

    Good for you and Kaycee to take the time off work and experience life on the ocean and make some memories you will never forget. Do you ever tire of eating fish and crave a big Albertan steak? LOL

    I’ll check in every so often for Kaycee’s updates and new pics – great website Kaycee !!

    Take care, be safe and continue to have the experience of a life time.


    1. Hey Jan,

      Nice to hear from you! The Dolphins are always a blast, we never get tired of seeing them unless they are scaring off the fish I am trying to catch.

      I do miss beef and steak sometimes for sure, but on the other hand we get to eat the most expensive fish, lobster, conch in the sea just by diving in and grabbing it.

      Kaycee will update the website whenever wifi is available and the Tracker should always be on, glad you enjoy the website and thanks for the support!

      Gregory and Kaycee

  5. hey little one…..love following your adventures…..be safe Kaycee & Greg…hope to see you both at a gate in the future 🙂

  6. Schyler Drain · · Reply

    This is really cool. Happy sailing!

  7. Hi Greg and Kaycee I was very glad to read your blog Kaycee after that long crossing super happy that you guys made safe and having a good time. Kaycee keep up the good work i am really enjoying it such a great adventure for you guys Your old neighbour good night

    1. Hey Real, great to hear from you! Hope all is well up in Grande Prairie. Those neighbours of yours managing to get the trash cans in off the curb? Ha. Keep in touch! Nice to know you’re following the adventure!

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