Programming Note: New Zealand Bound!!

(Nuku’alofa, Otu Tolu Group, Tonga)

The cupboards are stocked, the sails are ready, and the engine is started. We’ve been watching the weather for ever and today is our day to set out for New Zealand!

There’s 1000 nautical miles of South Pacific Ocean between us and our destination. Not that long compared to our other big crossing, but she’s a tough bit of sea. The farther we get south the wilder the weather can get. Not to worry though we’ve done our research, we’ve planned accordingly, and we’re by no means out there alone. Four other boats have left to cover the same waters just this morning.

So keep an eye on the tracker and I’ll post daily tweets from our passage to keep you all in the loop. Here’s hoping for fair winds, kind seas, and hungry fish!

I can’t wait to update everyone when we’re safe and sound in New Zealand!

*note: we may be stopping at Minerva Reef – 270 miles out – to wait for weather and to fight a tiger shark. So if you see us stop there please don’t worry!


  1. Our wishes for safe travels and good fishing 😊

  2. Mick Loch · · Reply

    Have a great time on your crossing…..and be safe!!

  3. Liz Evans · · Reply

    Minerva Reef is a good stop en route to NZ
    Safe passage you two – we have been following from the begining
    The Evans’s S.V Minyga
    Currently on leave down under.

  4. Mick Loch · · Reply

    Kaycee and Greg: I have not seen a post for many months….is all OK? Its either very cold or unusually hot for this time of the year in North Carolina. Again hope all is well I will continue to check in on your site.


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