Out for a Walk

(Rautoanui Pass, Raiatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia)

The surf’s up and the living is easy!

The sun is out, the paddle boarding is sweet, our friends are rad, and a bunch of other things are equally fantastic, though that doesn’t sound near as cool so I’ll just stick with my initial statement.

Some awesome days have been logged here in Raiatea. The boys have been getting in some epic surf out at the pass. They’ve got their choice between a fat, right-handed ride and – Gregory’s personal favourite – a long, left-handed reef break. In land adventures Adam, Gregory and I undertook a quest to find carrots and wifi. Carrots were easy enough to come by, though the internet proved more troublesome to encounter.  Eventually we found ourselves at Taia’s sweet, cabin-like share home. Taia is a local friend who the boys on Kuhela gave a ride from Huahine to Raiatea. She’s delightful and kind, and graciously let us use the house’s wifi to update our weather and receive a couple of emails.

Happenings aboard Oceanna have been a two-sided coin.

On the pleasant, planned side I got to spend a lovely afternoon with Annette and Tui sipping tea, enjoying long-lost girl talk, and, on Tui’s part, catching naps.

While on the bothersome, unplanned side of that same coin, yesterday morning Oceanna decided to take herself out for a walk! It wasn’t actually that exciting or even that surprising. We were both on board, we knew we hadn’t securely set the anchor, and we were positioned on the edge of a very sharp drop off that extended down into the deep channel we used to be anchored beside. Therefore when we looked out the window and noted how far away Kuhela seemed to have gotten, we calmly fired up an engine and returned Oceanna up the 500m of channel she had leisurely drifted down.


Josh, Adam, and Joe aboard Kuhela coming out the pass destined for Maupiti.


Gregory soaking up those left-handed reef breaks.


And looking oh so good as he does it!


Those are his monkey-pumping arms. They help him go faster. Ha.


“Maybe just one more?”


Sweet, sweet sunset.

One comment

  1. Kaycee and Greg so nice to hear you guys are coming home for Christmas
    If you guys make it to Grande Prairie would love if you can spare a few minutes for a coffe or a beer with your old neighbour my phone is still the same 780-518-7199
    Love following your blog and your amazing journey
    Your old neighbour

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