Chicken Questions

(Rautoanui Pass, Raiatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia)

Today was filled with a cornucopia of necessities, manoeuvres, and good times. We loaded up on fuel and food in the town of Uturoa. We moved Oceanna around the north end of Raiatea to post up along a western facing pass which has been endowed with two mirror surf breaks. And finally, we had a beach bonfire on a nearby, reef-enclosed spit of land, which abruptly ended when a sudden downpour of rain sent us crashing Marie into shallow coral heads as we made our way for Oceanna, where John Lee, Annette and Tui were meeting us for drier drinks.

All this, yet my mind was occupied with questions of a more fowl variety. I wondered today if, whenever it is we move back to Canada, I’ll miss the everyday, all-day long crowing of roosters? Will I miss the continuous reminder of the childhood joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?”. Will I miss the sight of a mother hen leading her rough-and-tumble queue of fuzzy, balls of feathers to relative safety as I pass by on my morning runs? Will I ever answer the question of who all these domestic birds belong to, and just how – really how?! – do they keep them all in check? And finally, will all these questions and pleasant, poultry memories leave me with an empty hole that can only be filled with my own barnyard, feathered friends?


Gregory snapping beautiful sunrise photos.


The glowing sunrise north over Tahaa, and if you really look, that jagged shape to the left of Tahaa is Bora Bora.


Raiatea from the surf break.


The dinghy was anchored really far away from the actual break. Therefore when I paddled out there my picture-taking was somewhat anticlimactic. 


This is how we take the paddle board home when I paddle out to the surf breaks to visit Gregory!


And this is good living.


He’s a natural! Ha! They were fast friends very soon after this. Gregory plans to get a matching shirt to Tui’s, and Tui is thankful Gregory freed her feet from the confines of her blanket. Ha.


Just chilling with Tui. Well Annette and John Lee too. (Side note: see that book on the table? It’s the Power of One by Bryce Courtenay and it is one amazing read. Gregory and I both highly recommend it!)

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  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    We too will forever remember the roosters and all their relatives and friends everywhere we went in French Polynesia.

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