Boat Chores and an Asgard Farewell

(Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia)

The generally accepted successor to a day of running errands is a day of installing, fixing, and tackling the to-do list on Oceanna. Therefore for the last two days we’ve filled our time with boat chores. The AC fridge got re-gassed, the new Spectra line was spliced, the speakers have been installed, and of course, some surfing and running was sprinkled throughout.

Another rope that received some attention was our jib furler. The jib furler that just so happens to be the only line I was allowed to choose on the boat – so naturally I went with Saskatchewan Roughrider green. The same jib furler that Gregory “accidentally” cut in half with the heat gun while stripping the teak toe rail in Colombia. The very same repaired jib furler that was spliced back together and has been working just fine for the last 8,000 miles or so. Well, it’s now a blue jib furler. Who’d of thought?

With chores complete and our fridge full from a Carrefour stock up, we decided to weigh anchor and head down to Papeete to say farewell to Tab and Annie. With their dream job in Antarctica calling, they put Asgard up for sale and are completing the final touches on her in the boat yard before passing her over to her new owners.

Not wanting to go through the marina particulars again, we drop anchor near the Va’a beach and crossed our fingers that we didn’t get our wrist slapped.

A quick dinghy ride over to the boat yard found Tab and Annie hard at work repairing their split rudder that was discovered during the buyer’s customary haulout inspection. We had brought a bag of beers knowing that they would be appreciated, and once the final batch of epoxy was administered for the day we reconvened on Oceanna for night of drinks, chicken nuggets, and laughs.


Look to the left of the green channel marker, that’s a WHALE!!!! And I didn’t use any zoom to grab this shot. A boat had come up with two young girls working for Tahiti Tourism. As they were conducting a quick survey with me this whale came cruising by, meters from the Oceanna! It was incredible. A humpback whale in the interior lagoon of Tahiti. The sound of it breathing caught me so off guard I could have fallen off the deck!


Gregory quite happy with his new, BLUE furling line.


I was going to write boys will be boys, but they look a wee bit to feminine here for that comment.


We’re sure going to miss Tab and Annie. Guess we’ll just have to go to Tasmania to visit!

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