Scoring Waves and Avocados


(Marina Taina Anchorage, Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia)

Three days ago we moved anchorage to the crowded area around Marina Taina. Our new locale has two great things going for it. One, town is right there with roads to run, Carrefour to shop, and wifi to connect. While its second attractive quality is that a quick dinghy ride gets you back to the pass, where a fun, pushy wave is forever firing.

So for these last couple of days we’ve been scoring waves at the break and avocados at a random god-send produce stand! Now I know Gregory has to say he’s more excited about the sweet surf waves he’s been eating up twice a day then the gorgeous avocados we wonderfully and literally stumbled upon, because what kind of long-blonde-hair-surfer-dude would he be if he didn’t? But honestly the availability of avocados is cause for remarkable celebration. Besides the sad avocados we had in the Galapagos, I can’t think of a delectable one gracing my plate since Costa Rica!


The locals in their va’as riding Oceanna’s wake as we came up the channel to Marina Taina. In this area there was always a heap of va’as cruising around.Β 


Boom, sourdough bread bowls! Take that TIm Horton’s!


  1. LOOK AT YOU!! I’m thinking I’ll need to start taking lessons from you soon enough!

  2. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    The va’as loved to ride the wake of the cruise ship tenders too. Actually they seemed to ride any wake they could. Where’s the guacamole?

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