Sharing the Car


(Vairao, Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia)

I went for a run this morning and couldn’t help think of the BC coast. I haven’t had the privilege of spending much time there, but that’s where all of Gregory’s family is from. And when we’ve ventured out to Powell River to visit Gregory’s grandmother Betty, the whole lovely feel of the place seems to lay over you like a cozy blanket. The winding roads, the lush vegetation, the local fruit stands – it all lends to the laid-back, nature-engulfed vibe of it all. A vibe I’m totally down with. So although the fruit stands stocked bananas and not blackberries, and the trees were swaying palms and not soaring evergreens, as I ran along the road I smiled and thought fondly of that beautiful place back home.

Mere minutes after returning from my run, Gregory was headed out for his morning surf. (The logistics of having one family car.) Now it’s hard to tell if this morning’s surf is to be categorized in the win or fail column. By Gregory’s reaction and overall attitude it could be squarely filed under both. This morning Gregory broke his board. Bad Vibes is no longer surfable.

A win because it’s somewhat of a surfer milestone, I believe, to be pushing hard enough in big enough conditions to pull off this destructive manoeuvre. While the fail side of the coin is plainly evident.

The boys all headed out for an evening surf as well and managed to return home safe with all boards remaining in one piece. To toast this mild achievement – it was really more just because the date had finally come! – we cracked the first bottle of Ginger Beer! A bubbly, sweet, and tasty success if you ask me. The empty growler stood testament to its drinkability as well.

(And for anyone keeping score that was the growler that I sealed and it was super fizzy. We even took a video of the bubbles. Ha, how dorky are we? Anyhow, stand by for Gregory’s bottle!)


He looks sad but honestly he just stopped smiling for the picture! ha.


Touring the village buying papayas!


Dinghy sunsets.


Look hard, there’s a surfer on that wave. 


Bubbles!!! Look at those bubbles!


and some more for you…

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  1. Ken and Kathy Stone · · Reply

    Better the board broken than Greg ! 🙂 Love your blog.

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