(Downtown Papeete Marina, Tahiti, Society Islands, French Polynesia)

Somedays this life is about taking in the amazing culture and scenic landscapes around us, and others are about scoring the perfect bucket. Yes bucket.

Buckets are very crucial items in the cruiser’s required arsenal. Ask any cruiser out there, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one whose eyes didn’t light up at the thought of their favourite bucket. I know for a fact that we are not the only boat to turn around underway to retrieve a bucket that has blown overboard.

They come in handy in so many faucets of day-to-day life; washing down the decks after cleaning a fish, hauling fresh water from shore, or being the perfect receptacle to carry your booze and marshmallows to a beach bonfire. They are indispensable. So since are beloved Tubtrugs started showing their age (yes that’s a hard plug for Tubtrugs, go out and buy yourself one you’ll find so many ways to use it!), we’ve been on the lookout for suitable replacements.

Joy of joys today was our day! As we were strolling the aisles* of Fa’aa’s brand new Carrefour, we stumbled upon a display that we can only assume was put there specifically for us. Stacked four high, in an assortment of colours, was perfect knock-offs of our treasured buckets. I’m almost certain I caught a tear falling from Greg’s eye as we perused the sizes and left with one of each.

*Fun fact about our cruising-selves, we now roam every single aisle of every store we enter. You never know when you’ll come across something you need. In the large stores, like this particular Carrefour, its such a treat to see all the shiny new things for sale, and in the small little shops, it’s pure entertainment to see the dusty and random articles they’ve amassed for your consumption.

I’m aware I’ve just wrote an entire post about buckets. No apologies here. I’m drinking coffee.



  1. Never apologize for writing a blog on buckets … you need to enjoy the simple things in life as well and I enjoyed this blog. We always roam all the aisles when we travel however I’m sure your travels elicit far more exciting things to look at 😊

  2. I feel you Kaycee, I call those my “go get shit from the garden” buckets.

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