A Brazilian On Board

(South Fakarava, Tuamotus, French Polynesia)

It’s not everyday that a good-looking Brazilian named Kim asks to catch a ride to Tahiti on your boat. So there’s no way we were going to pass up on the opportunity. Now one would assume that Gregory would be the more excited of us two about this recent development, and in that they wouldn’t be incorrect. Though the reasoning behind that assumption is not what you’d expect.

Kim is a Class A surfer and he does not sport the bronze-cheek-baring thongs one so quickly associates with the babes from his home country.

Bathing suit preferences aside, Kim joined us from our new friend Josh’s boat Kuhela. Josh and Kim met in the lineup at Careneros break in Bocas Del Toro, crossed the Pacific together, and have journeyed through the Gambiers here to Fakarava. With Josh picking up new guests in the coming days, and Kim having Tahiti waves and airports calling, the time to part ways had come. Super score for us – Gregory has a live in surfer buddy, our empty cabins are getting some guest action, and to top it off Kim is about the sweetest, most easy-going guy, who quickly fits in with his sarcastic wit.


Kim barely got his bags moved on board and they’re off for a surf!


Surf, then straight to work hauling Greg up the mast for a rigging review.


Check out that view! The dark blue water of the South Fakarava pass in sharp contrast to the shallow, coral-strewn turquoise of our anchorage.


Such clear water makes it appear like there’s a whole lot of “potholes” to dodge on the way out.


Oceanna and Marie sitting pretty.


There’s the double masted Wairua and some ominous looking clouds in the distance.


We had a beach fire with Wairua and got to meet the great people off Rhombus and Machusla. From Rhombus we met a bunch of stellar New Zealanders and the youngest sailor I’ve yet to encounter! Little six month old Tui. While Mark and Sue I will forever remember for their amazing vegan sausages.Β 


Here’s Andy at it again. Setting off one of the stunning lanterns Megan so thoughtfully brings to our get togethers.


  1. I love the picture of Oceanna and Marie from the mast πŸ™‚ It’s awesome that you are able to post again Kaycee, you have been missed!

    1. Thanks, it’s one of my favourite shots too.

  2. Sarah G. "Stu" Schmidt · · Reply

    Yes, I echo maxxtrails. The aerials are stunning. Miss your faces.

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