A Ginger Beer Seal Off

(South Fakarava, Tuamotus, French Polynesia)

Eventhough the reinforced trade winds persisted through yesterday and today, we filled the breezy time with some apt activities. Gregory took out my kite to join the other flyers enjoying the howling wind. There was no problem getting my small kite to pull him around, though the shallow water littered with gnarly coral heads offered a dodgy experience for Gregory the out-of-experience kiter.

And finally today was the day! Today my inaugural batch of ginger beer was ready to be bottled.

Like most things, both big and infinitesimally small on the boat, Gregory and I seem to have varying views on the correct modus operandi. That’s not to say we have that differing of mindsets. It’s simply just a combination of our battling stubbornesses and the need for a little competitive diversity in an otherwise cruisey life. You know what they say, variety is the spice of life!

So with a large pot of ginger beer and two identical growlers to bottle it up into, the game was on. Who could achieve the better seal?

In life I often hear the wise words of my Home-Ec teacher, Mrs Frondall, ringing through my ears. “Simplicity is the key to design”. I must admit it sometimes comes through in the crass, construction-worker translation of “Keep it simple stupid”, though the message remains the same and this is the approach I took. I layered multiple pieces of saran wrap over the mouth of the growler and used the original lid over them to complete my airtight close.

Gregory on the other hand operates under his life motto of “More is More”. Therefore he channeled his medieval know-how and implemented a wooden cork and bee’s wax approach. Greg may win on style points, but I’ve certainly got him beat in the clean up department. And the grand prize? My vote is simple to guess, though we’re just going to have to wait 14 days to see!


Bottling the brew.


Putting on the finishing touches. (Hey Menno, that’s your block of beeswax being put to use. Thanks!)


A parade of catamarans left the anchorage today. These four “kids boats” are a coordinated crew.


Pizza, pizza, pizza! A new, old favourite.

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