Sunset Dinghy Fishing with Wairua

(Passe Tapuhiria, NW Makemo, Tuamotus, French Polynesia)

Continuing up the atoll today, Wairua and Oceanna sailed up to Makemo’s northwest pass. Once we found a suitable place to anchor that wasn’t completely covered in coral, we dropped Marie in the water and did what we do best here in the Tuamotus, we went fishing!

A sunset dinghy fish to be exact. Complete with: a coral trout caught by Andy, a wildly eddying pass navigated by Gregory, a slew of marble groupers caught by jigging, a pod of dolphins enjoyed by all, another shark caught by the shark wrangler, some cold beers drank by the girls (the boys were evidently busy with fishing, weird), and the bottom of the lagoon caught by yours truly. An easy enough foe to hook, but boy oh boy you’re in for one hell of a fight.


Wairua with the sails up!


I’m watching for coral heads….


Because there is so much coral inside the lagoons of these coral atolls we sometimes put a float on our anchor chain. Therefore our chain is less likely to wrap itself around a coral head severely decreasing our scope making for a less safe hold, and also making pulling up anchor that much harder.

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