Chao To A Beauty

(Pouheva Village, NE Makemo, Tuamotus, French Polynesia)

We met Shawnecee with the sharks in Raroia. She was out for a dive and her vivacious personality was unstoppable, even through her snorkel and mask. She had crossed the Pacific from Mexico with Chris and Jess on Silent Sun, and was now helping navigate the Tuamotus with solo Justin on Antares.

She brings so many good vibes to the table. Her high energy, great stories, and amazing knowledge of seemingly anything is unparalleled. There’s not a dull moment when she’s around.

Then just as fast as her awesomeness came into our lives it left again. Today she caught a plane from Makemo to Tahiti – destination America, New Zealand, or Adventure. TBD.

So wherever you end up Shawnecee know that we’re super stoked we can now call you a friend.


Sunset soiree with Shawnecee.


Farewell amiga!

One comment

  1. It is notable that certain people carry such a presence and their aura is huge. Like you mention, sometimes they come and then exit so quickly and leave us thinking wow! It’s a wonderful part of adventuring. Onward you two. Diane, Suga,, Ginny and I send our best.

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