High Wind and Crabs

(Atoll East Side, Raroia, Tuamotus, French Polynesia)

Since we’re hiding out at this particular location to wait out the strong easterly winds, it’s no surprise that just outside our palm tree coverage is prime real estate for kiting. And thanks to the particularly heavy winds, Gregory is having no problem getting my seven meter kite to tow him around. Unless of course he attempts to swing by Oceanna to show off. If he does that the reason we’re parked here becomes all to obvious as the swaying palms block the needed wind and down goes the colourful kite and Gregory.

In other news the captured crabs have been living large in their cooler home feasting on a buffet of coconuts. As I mentioned, these are not the Coconut Crabs Greg’s been searching for since Fatu Hiva, so later in the day we released them all back to where they came from. They were a good bit of fun, but the hunt continues!

More fun was the games night we had on board with our new gang. Chris and Jess brought Cards Against Humanity so I could finally find out what all the fuss was about. Shawnecee and Justin, always down for a good time, port-oed over and the newly arrived Andy and Megan rounded out a great night.


Gregory kiting with the high winds.


You can just make out the kiting working its way out from behind the palm trees.


It’s a crab party!


This massive hermit crab also came for a visit on Oceanna before he was taken back to the beach.


Cards Against Humanity with the gang.


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