Kite Skills

(Atoll East Side, Raroia, Tuamotus, French Polynesia)

Gregory was able to catch some advantageous wind this morning and had my small seven meter kite ripping back and forth in the village bay with the locals. Though the wind was fickle, not lasting very long, and the coral heads that dotted the bay were even more frustrating. When the wind dropped below what would keep Greg aloft he returned home with a mean reef bite to his neck.

Now Gregory who hasn’t properly kited in years and is drastically undersized in the kite department is one thing, then there’s this amazing local who is killing it in his backyard getting crazy air and throwing down stylish tricks. He was easily launching higher than Oceanna’s bimini and tweaking out some rad moves. For the time being we were his biggest fans and he did not disappoint putting on one hell of a show.


The show screaming in from the bay where they launch.


Making it look easy.


Making it look real, real easy and with soooo much style.




Now I know Greg was having a good time during this one.


Clearing Greg and Marie no problemo.

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