Fish Stories to Love Letters

(Underway, Marquesas – Tuamotus)

It’s a little wild to think that we left on this 450 mile passage with little to no fuss. A three day, three night passage a year ago would have been reason for days of planning and preparing, at least a couple of nights of sleepless anxiety, and a heap-load of anticipation. Today, this passage is simply a drop in the bucket of miles we’ve covered.

Like every passage though, this one came with its own obstacles and rewards. The area we are entering into is renowned for the presence of the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ). Sometimes referred to as The Beast, the SPCZ is a weather phenomenon where the warm Easterly trade winds from the South American Coast meet cold Southern Ocean fronts cycling in 5 to 10 day periods. Their convergence can produce newspaper worthy high winds and extreme squall conditions. Not necessarily something we want to run into, and luckily for us, we haven’t – yet.

In the rewards column though there’s fish!  Four lines, at one time, each with its own yellowfin tuna! A fish moment so epic we don’t have a single picture to show for it. My excuse? I was too busy fishing.

There isn’t even a picture of the brimming plate of sashimi that Gregory sliced up. Slightly odd due to Greg’s recent propensity to take pictures of his food. The only picture I have to show for our last couple days on passage is the one below. One of a vase of wildflowers sitting on the salon table, giving not a care in the world about the fact that Oceanna was bombing 8-10 knots over the water.

This is something I’m really beginning to appreciate about Oceanna. Not just the fact that she’s comfortable and constant, she’s certain. So certain that it seems she could do all this without us. Albeit we three make a better team, it’s her barely guided, ceaseless charge forward underway or equally important role of the selfless backdrop at anchor that makes her a dream.

As I write this I’m realizing it sounds like Oceanna requires no work whatsoever and that would be a lie. So from a fish story to a love letter for Oceanna to a love letter for the fisherman, I must thank Gregory. Thanks for keeping us all afloat.


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