Rumours and Provisioning in Atuona

(Tahauku Bay, Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas, French Polynesia)

The rumours were false. There will be no new shipment of propane coming to Hiva Oa for at least another two weeks. Exactly the line we got two weeks ago. Shucks. Luckily we were able to decant some cooking gas from Tim last time we were here and we should be good until we come across some somewhere else down the line.

With propane procurement off the books we spent three days in Atuona doing all sorts of odds and ends. Most prominent was eating croissants. Man, I don’t know the history of France’s colonization of these islands, and I would be lying if I said I know anything about the current relationship between the mother country and her islands, but boy oh boy am I appreciative of the resultant pastries! Pan du chocolate, croissants, eclairs! And the baguettes of course, you simply can not talk about baked goods in French Polynesia without mentioning the baguettes. 64 CFP Francs (about 64 cents) will get you a crispy and soft baguette. Good at anytime of the day, with absolutely anything.

I digress – easy enough to do on the subject of food. Time in Atuona was otherwise spent buying fresh produce from our favourite farm lady, catching up on a little expensive internet, and the regular Oceanna shenanigans like spearfishing and spearfishing.


We sat in this parking lot more than one morning waiting for this glorious truck to show up. Fresh vegetables and farm eggs! Delicious.


The outrigger club was located in the same bay we anchored. Every afternoon the teams would be out doing laps preparing for the upcoming races during the July festivities.


Greg was having a moment because the mountain was not covered in clouds. Here is the resulting picture.


As always, excited to pose with his most recent catch.

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