Back to Atuona and A Placating Wave

(Tahauku Bay, Atuona, Hiva Oa, Marquesas, French Polynesia)

When we left Hiva Oa a week ago we knew we’d be coming back. Propane had been an impossibility to get, but rumour had it that a new supply would be arriving on June 5. So this morning we motored back through Canal de Bordelais – with no one to race this time. What we did have was extremely favourable light winds, where regularly we could have met a strong headwind and angry, choppy seas.

Back in Atuona we set both our bow and stern anchors – not any smoother than our last time – and hunkered down for the day.

Much to the extreme buzz kill of Gregory Evans we haven’t run into a lot of surf since we made our way to the South Pacific.  Though, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Greg’s got more than enough will. At the very back of this Tahauku Bay, there’s a small yet feasible little swell. Not enough to break out a surfboard, but perfect for the big, floaty paddle boards. So although he’s not tucking into barrels just quite yet, Gregory is feeding the surfing urge a little at a time.


A rearview look back towards Hanamoenoa Bay and the ridgeline we hiked a couple of days ago.

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