Murphy’s Rain Law

(Hanamoenoa Bay, Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia)

As the statistics are beginning to reveal, should Oceanna plan a party, it will rain. Hence the influx of precipitation we received tonight.

It was our last night in Hanamoenoa Bay, and although we would hopefully see all the boats we’d met down the ocean, we wanted to have one last hurrah in the anchorage that was so good to us. As I shined up the inside of the boat, Gregory set to work taking a layer off the outside. The outside bottom to be exact. And wouldn’t you know it, we had a complete deja vu as once again the holler of “throw me my gun” wafted up from the water below.

This time he came up with a vibrantly coloured siphon fish. A funny looking creature distantly related to the narwhal or maybe even its out-of-water cousin the rhino? Anyhow, it was a lucky find and perfect for our trade deal with Jun down in Vaitahu. Gregory quickly gutted and scaled the siphon, flew over to Vaitahu, and returned with a great big stalk of bananas! Even though Jun had offered to give us the bananas for nothing I still feel like we got the better end of the deal. Jun had told us her husband who usually brings home the fish was out of town, and my personal fisherman was more than happy to return a small favour and bring a great big smile to her face.

Back at Oceanna we chilled the beverages, prepared some snacks, and waited for our friends to brave the wet dinghy ride over. It’s always great getting together with friends. Whether we met them yesterday, in the Galapagos, or even back on the shores of Costa Rica – cruisers are Grade A, top-notch people. Always quick with a helping hand, full of useful wisdom and interesting stories, and always, always down for a good time.


This picture may show a fish, but I see a big, delectable stalk of bananas!


The boy sure does like to fish!


The rain can’t get us down, we’ll just have an indoor party.


Jack and the ladies!


Either Gregory is making fun of Paul, or Paul is making fun of Gregory. Regardless, they both laugh everytime.


Time for Head’s Up!

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