“Throw Me My Gun”

(Hanamoenoa Bay, Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia)

No we are not channelling our inner hillbillies here aboard Oceanna, this is simply what living on a boat with Gregory Evans is like.

I was busy with something or other inside the boat when I heard my name being frantically called from the water outside. Gregory had been in the water to check something or other on the bottom of the boat when he spotted a telltale rolling rock creeping past his line of sight. All of which brings us to the yelling and screaming, “Kaycee, throw me my gun!”

I javelined his gun overboard in his direction and not five minutes later he comes up with a hefty octopus. An octopus that wasn’t going down without a fight – regardless of the spear through its head. As Greg neared the boat, the octopus seized the opportunity to mount one last stand. It latched itself onto the smooth, side of Oceanna’s hull and held on for dear life. It was actually incredibly funny watching Gregory with two feet on the hull, pulling straight back with absolutely no effectiveness, as the octopus held on with ease. Eventually opposing thumbs and modern weapons won the battle, though this particular dinner is going to be eaten with a whole new appreciation for nature and its creation of the suction cup.


Gregory battling the octopus latched onto the hull.


Finally won the battle and looking little worse for wear – the both of them.


The reef-fish sport-fishing extravaganza continues. These neon striped triggerfish are my favourite.


Greg and his tiny cod.


I’m pretty impressed with my catch.


A nice way to spend the sunset.

One comment

  1. Hey. My name is Frank le. I am a friend of grey Rowell. Logan’s brother. Been living vicariously through your adventures. Awesome blog posts and pics. So. How did the octupus taste? Did you know they are extremely smart animals?

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