Good Times in Hanamoenoa

(Hanamoenoa Bay, Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia)

Turns out Gregory can handle his beach bocce shenanigans better than I can. While I had a particularly lax day around the boat, Gregory partook in a day led by Hanamoenoa’s sole inhabitant, Stephen.

We met Stephen on the beach during bocce yesterday. He’s in his early 30’s, living on his family’s land, and likes to fish. Greg and him were immediate friends and made a date to go offshore dinghy fishing at first light this morning. So before the sun rose Greg was up and gone, picked up Andy on Wairua, grabbed Stephen from the beach, and ventured out in hopes for a big prize.

They were gone for the entire morning and came back with more than enough stories to fill the lapsed time. There were no trophy tuna or wahoo in the boat, but there was a plethora of smaller fish sprinkled in with the avocado tree, hind quarter of a goat, and various other bits and bobs they picked up from Stephen’s family and friends from the village in the next bay over.

To add to their colourful haul they told tales of conquering every type of weather and sea state during their valiant voyage. They had howling winds, sideways rain, and angry seas. All of which made them exceedingly more macho as they bellowed their chants to the world. Stephen started with his own manly, Marquesan melody to be met by dumb stares when he passed it off to Gregory and Andy to come up with something of their own. After a long, silent pause Greg said he let rip the only thing that came to mind – “Na-nana-naaah-nana-naaah-na, THUNDER!” When in doubt, I guess the white man defaults to ACDC.

After missing out on poisson cru on the beach, I couldn’t very well pass up the next invitation to come Oceanna’s way. Mark from Wavelength rowed around the entire anchorage inviting everyone to his The-Engine-Isn’t-Overheating-Anymore Party. As it turns out, no one else was able to say no to Mark and Eileen’s invite either. I’ve never seen a cockpit with so many people in it. A sure recipe for a good time.


The reef fish, sport fishing continues off the back steps of Oceanna. A real great way to spend some time. Does loads for your fishing confidence, as you can’t not catch something; and you never know just what you’re going to pull up. These little triggerfish were so cool to see and they barked the whole time you were struggling to get the hook out of their little toothed mouth.

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  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    It’s great to catch up with you two again. Glad you made it safely to Tahiti. We will be in Papeete on September 28—-sorry we will miss you.

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