The Consolation Prize

(Hanamoenoa Bay, Tahuata, Marquesas, French Polynesia)

Despite its incredibly handy availability of fresh farm produce and expensive internet we were over the moon to finally leave Hiva Oa’s Tahauku Bay today. French baguettes are great, but brown murky water surrounding Oceanna’s hulls is not.

We lifted both anchors in the late morning and made our way through the 2.5 mile wide Canal du Bordelais. During the short 10 mile journey over to Hanamoenoa Bay there was another cat travelling in the same direction, but most certainly ahead of us. Now Gregory is afflicted by what he insists is a common, if not naturally preprogrammed, trait present in all males. The ego-throbbing belief that any plane, train, automobile, or boat near his own plane, train, automobile, or boat is, without a doubt, involved in an unspoken race with him. Anyone, or just Gregory?

Anyways, this is how we found ourselves in a (one-sided) race with the unknown catamaran two miles ahead of us. We were under full sail, and they were under purely engine power (an arguable alternative as the passage was so short). Through the windy channel we were able close a significant portion of the gap, but alas they beat us to the anchorage. A self imposed dint to Greg’s ego dressed up as a blessing in disguise.

As the winning cat pulled into the anchorage and grabbed the open spot right up near the beach, we chose to anchor farther out back. When Gregory dove in to check the anchor – an activity he does more for the benefit of getting in the water and looking around than out of necessity – he discovered we had by utter fluke position ourselves over a bustling little reef. A locale mint for diving, fishing, and purely enjoying the view.

You may have won the race unknown catamaran, but we got one hell of a consolation prize!


Knot school in Hiva Oa. The town of Atuona is across this bay and at the base of that cloud covere mountain.


Should have known that there’s a Lagoon catamaran at the end of every rainbow!


Greg stowing the stern anchor. He had asked me to watch the lines as he carried it up to the front deck lockers. I heard get the camera. Therefore the face… ha.


Just around the corner is our next anchorage.


Beer and fresh squeezed lemons!


Sunset in Hanamoenoa Bay.


  1. Great to get your updates. Carolina summer here, life is good. Rock on!

  2. delma evans · · Reply

    Thanks for letting us continue on with the adventure of a lifetime!! Sure enjoyed the new posts and the fabulous pics. Keep on trucking and staying safe!!

  3. Wow another gorgeous sunset, never get tired of them!

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