Taking It In

(Bay of Virgins, Hanavave, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia) One would think that after 19 days out to sea the first thing we would want to do is set foot on land. Well, that would be an incorrect assumption, and very telling of a lack of understanding when it comes to common knowledge of Gregory Evans. Why go on land when Marie – Greg’s pride and joy – needs to stretch her legs. Our morning was spent in a suspended state of shock and awe. Imagining a more spectacular place to be is, well, utterly impossible at this point. From the high, rocky cliffs come the colourful cries of the highland goats, while the amazingly clear, blue water brings a super pod of hunting dolphins. I spotted them off the southern point of the bay. They were making quite a ruckus jumping and flipping about. We watched as they worked their way steadily into the bay, tracking in precision groups of threes and fours. It was clear they were engaged in a group effort to round up whatever it was they were hunting. Their aim brought them within 25 meters of Oceanna and we were able to watch them for ages as they worked. Once Marie was crowned with her jewel – the 30 hp Yammy – it was time to set her loose. We explored the coast up close and personal. Gregory dunked his masked face over the dinghy’s edge to scope dive locales, we watched for fish below and a goats above, and took in a massive blow hole that erupted time and time again like Canada Day fireworks.


The dolphins were hard to catch in a frame, but there’s one flipping on the right hand side of this shot.


An amazing view out the bedroom porthole.


Greg happily in his dinghy, crazy high winds aside.


These huge yellow wasps come in swarms. They don’t seem interested in biting anyone, just like to hover around and make you nervous.


Oceanna in the most beautiful anchorage we’ve put her in yet!


Watching the blow hole erupt!


Land. Look, don’t touch.





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  1. Mick Loch · · Reply

    Kaycee and Greg. As Greg would say….Un fucking believable!!!! spectacular scenery… Keep the posts coming guys….be safe.


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