Day 17 – Obsession Number Two, HP

(Underway, 147 Nautical Miles)

Me – “Hey Greg, can I write about your Harry Potter obsession?”

Greg – “Ya, I’m proud of it, I don’t care who knows.”

So there it is, Greg is head over heels for the incredibly entertaining adventures of the famed young wizard and he’s not afraid to admit it. I’m a longtime fan – also not afraid to say so – and am the reason why we have the entire collection of hard copy books onboard. Since Greg has taken up the new hobby of reading, it has been a challenge to have books on hand that fit his criterium. I first got him George Orwell’s 1984, mistakenly thinking the Big Brother world would interest him, but after listening to him moan and groan through the whole thing I quickly deduced the classics weren’t his cup of tea. Through a series of books to follow, he’s professed he’s a reader of pure non-fiction. If it happened for real he’s in. If it happened for real and has an element of drugs, scandal, or life-threatening adventure, all the better. After running out of said books I pushed hard for Harry Potter, and like any warm-blooded homosapien he was instantly hooked. Since starting book one in the Galapagos he’s burned through them with all the symptoms of a proper Harry Potter fanatic. Our conversations are full of references, casting spells, and calling me Hermoine; he recounts his wizard-filled dreams for me each morning with wide-eyed enthusiasm; and sometimes when I wake him up for his night shift he mumbles away at me about Quidditch.

I realize I have just wrote an entire post on Greg’s reading preferences. This may be viewed as a little pathetic – or maybe a lot – I offer these three points in my defence: One, Harry Potter is that good and deserves the accolades. Two, today is day 17 out to sea, I may be losing it a little and perhaps am experiencing a little boat-fever. Three, the fishing lines were absolutely silent today so there’s no fish to report on. Long story short. I blame the crappy fisherman!


Gregory is becoming quite the sunrise photographer.


Where and how I find Gregory the majority of the day.


Someone is taking pictures of food again. I won’t say who, but I will say it’s not me…


Although our Code 0 sail is beginning to wear and tear, we’ve decided to see how it flies in these lighter winds. Should save some sail bashing.


Don’t think we could get anymore sails up the rig if we tried! Sure is pretty.


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