Day 15 – Home Life Thousands of Mile to Sea

(Underway, 164 Nautical Miles)

I was going to say, I find it surprising how comfortable life is out here in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. That would be a lie. There’s nothing surprising about it. The wind is tame and steady, driving us forever towards our destination; the swell is decently sorted, pushing us from behind as we surf westwards; and what’s more, I’m in my home surrounded by all the things I need with every creature comfort.

An ordinary day at home starts with bacon and eggs, is dotted with some successful fridge repairs, and wrapped up with homemade pizza and a couple increasingly competitive rounds of Monopoly. The reality of being thousands of miles out to sea is simply a wonderful reality.


Ya, the sunrise/sunset pictures are not slowing down.


Sorry about the food pictures, but this papaya didn’t have a single seed in it! It was really weird and incredibly tasty.


Trying my hardest to beat Greg. It’s becoming very difficult. For a guy that doesn’t like games he’s really good at this one. Maybe that’s why he keeps agreeing to play me…




Check out that rising moon! It’s almost full and making for incredibly bright nights.



  1. Mick Loch · · Reply

    Thanks again for the incredible photos and posts… guys are a real inspiration….keep it going. Getting hot and humid again in North Carolina

    1. Love hearing from you Mick! We often think back to our home slip in Wilmington Marine Center. How far we’ve come and all the great people we have to thank. Yourself certainly included! Keep in touch!

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