Day 13 – Stashed and Obsessed

(Underway, 167 Nautical Miles)

Living on a boat you get creative about how and where you store things. There’s no garage to vanish all the tools and outdoor toys to; and there’s no basement to confine your surplus goods, holiday decorations, and this-may-come-in-handy-in-the-next-two-to-twenty-years items. In lieu of a garage, we have a deck locker filled with a vast variety of chemicals. Mixed in the right combination they can clean Oceanna’s fiberglass hull to a dazzling white, or they could make a decent bomb. (Greg’s been known to accidentally mix up chlorine gas, Menno named the reaction, and Menno knows a thing or two about chemistry.) Instead of a basement we have two bilges. Lift up the floorboards in either hull and there’s prime storage real estate – amongst the existing electrical wires, hoses, and pumps of course. It is here that you’ll find everything from lobster traps to sock-protected bottles of rum. So about what a sailor’s bilge should look like anyhow right?

Today though, it’s the stashed items and overfilling cubbies I don’t know about that have got me thinking.

Besides getting Oceanna safely to the other side of this crossing, Greg’s main priority is fishing. Everyday starts with considerable thought put towards the optimum combination of lures, lines, teasers, and hooks that maybe, just maybe, will be victorious in landing the ever-changing fish of Greg’s dreams. As I watch the daily show, that is beginning to resemble something like a mad scientist, I can’t help but notice Greg’s movements around the boat. In the middle of rigging up a new lure Greg will disappear down into the port hull and come up barring some new bit of tackle obviously crucial to this lure’s imminent success. Then, while outfitting a leader line with new swivels and knots, he heads down into the starboard hull returning with another piece to the fishing puzzle. This process continues to repeat itself with sounds of different cupboards, floorboards, or bed-boards moving about each time. It’s beginning to become all to clear to me that Gregory has fishing shit stashed throughout the entire 41 feet of this boat.

That is not to say there isn’t dedicated fishing compartments. There’s an entire forward cabin dedicated to all things fishing – rods, guns, fins, and more – and there’s a cockpit tackle box absolutely overfilling with, what I used to think was everything a trolling fisherman could ever need. None of this is me complaining by the way. The guy likes to fish, let there be fishing! I’m merely pointing out the obsession. The obsession is real.


Checking the lines. Making sure everything is swimming along fine. No doubt tweaking something in hopes it catches something huge.


My new favourite book. Am absolutely loving it. Not a bad reading locale either!


Another amazing sunset.


Greg’s new favourite spot on the boat. The boom seat offers a killer view of the rising moon.




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