Day 9 – Squeaks and Creaks

(Underway, 198 Nautical Miles)

Imagine taking your house and jumping it off an endless succession of little jumps, while simultaneously having the exterior walls pounded by varying sizes of rocking blows. This is more or less what we accomplish offshore with our little floating home. I’m making it sound worse than it really is, but the truth remains, Oceanna is one tough dame and she knows how to take a hit.

You can watch as a wave crests under the bridge deck causing the whole kitchen and salon floor to rise and fall like a mini earthquake. Since we’re experiencing swell coming at us from the aft port direction, the waves travel past the port hull and smack into the inner side of our starboard pontoon. Therefore, if you open the cupboard down in that pontoon where I keep all the canned goods, you can put your hand on the fiberglass hull, watching and feeling as the ocean kicks at Oceanna’s belly.

So when an orchestra of creaks and squeaks develop throughout our home, neither of us is the least bit surprised. If this is all Oceanna has to say for the task she is accomplishing, than good on her! She is a real trooper and no different from every other squeaking sailboat out there.

The only time it starts to bother you is when one of those squeaks is persistent, loud enough in its cries, and is in close proximity to your bed. That’s when you call in the handy and handsome Gregory. With a screw here, a bead of wax there, a shave of some wood under here, and a strip of tape over there the squeak is gone. For now.

Fish news for the day is sad. Greg reeled in another small, but beautiful yellowfin tuna. In an unfortunate turn of events – fortunate for the fish – it made a daring escape wiggling off the step when Greg had his back turned.


Handiman Greg fixing the squeaks.


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