Day 8 – RIP Big Red

(Underway, 181 Nautical Miles)

Last night when Greg pulled in his handlines – we’re not using the rods right now because we’re just going to darn fast for them to be efficient – his prized new lure, Big Red, was gone. Back during the Galapagos crossing Roger had fabricated this monster catcher especially for Greg. Since swimming it for the last couple days it had blown a hook and Greg spent yesterday morning rigging it back up. He’d put on new hooks and tied in the dried skin of a tuna’s belly. This little trick is meant to give the lure a more natural appeal, both visually and aromatically, to entice the big fish like marlin.

So when he pulled in the line to find his 250 pound leader snapped clean through he was more than a little upset. The thought of what trophy fish caused such irreversible damage did little to raise his spirits, for he didn’t even get the least bit of show to balance out the loss of the fine specimen that was Big Red.

If I thought a night’s rest would help to ease his pain, I was wrong. He woke up talking only of Big Red. The guy evidently takes his fishing seriously. That or we’ve been out to sea a little long and he’s starting to lose it…


Sunrise at sea. Note the boom off to the starboard side. An unfortunate placement for our solar panels as the sun tracks up and over that side. Meaning our big main sail blocks the sun virtually all day, leaving the generator to do the work of boosting the battery bank.


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