Day 7 – Fresh Cuts

(Underway, 183 Nautical Miles)

Today we both received fresh cuts at the little known, but successful in its own right, KSea Hair Salon. For over a year now it’s had two loyal customers who keep coming back regardless of its ever-changing location.

Greg’s childish spirit isn’t strictly reserved for the wide-eyed enthusiasm I wrote about yesterday, it also extends to his inability to sit still long enough to get his hair cut. Lucky for the both of us, Oceanna offers the primo chair to satisfy the needs of all parties involved. Seated on the back step, the trade winds deftly whisk away Greg’s golden locks, and staring out at his trolling fishing lines he is happily distracted long enough to facilitate his new do. That’s what you call a win-win.

In other domestic news, as expected but vainly hoped it would go otherwise, every single banana on our two large stalks has ripened at the same time. Even if Greg continued to eat three bananas every morning, we would still have a drastic loss of the delicious fresh fruit. Therefore, it was time to start freezing them for later use, and a loaf of offshore banana bread was made. The first loaf, of what I can only assume will be many.


The number of photos we’re taking out here is obviously quite low. Greg deemed me digging out our not-so-secretly stashed chocolate a necessary shot. Just as the chocolate itself is very necessary.


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