Day 6 – Dialing in the Awe

(Underway, 186 Nautical Miles)

One of Greg’s best qualities is his childish awe – he seems to be living in a state of constant amazement. Couple that with his mechanical inclination and incessant need to take things to the next level, and there’s always some grande scheme in progress.

The latest outlet for his tinkering ways has been the SSB radio receiver. Since successfully tuning into his first net, the radio has been on a daily improvement plan. Today’s upgrade was an antenna extender. He ran 30 feet of stainless steel fishing leader line up the topping lift easily tripling his antenna length and height. Since this little modification, all our fellow crossing boats within a 2,000 mile radius are coming in loud and clear. A success for Greg’s mechanical side, and a boost to his childish interest.

Watching Greg fiddle with the radio, finely tuning the dials and listening eagerly through the static, I can’t help but picture a Steven Spielberg movie character. A young, wide-eyed, adventurous sort set against a wholesome backdrop. The anticipation of the previously unknown reaching him over unseeable radio waves lends to a E.T. like disposition. It’s quite charming to see and no doubt brings a smile to my face.

What doesn’t bring a smile to face, what brings the exact opposite of a smile to my face, is Greg spotting a massive fin coast by the back of the boat. A fin and trailing tail no doubt belonging to a lonely offshore shark looking for a quick bite. A totally plausible explanation because we just so happened to have another tiny mahi mahi dragging on one of our ever-present, trolling handlines. At this point I could hear the loud speaker in my head announce, “Please keep all arms and legs inside the moving vehicle at all times. Thank you for you cooperation and enjoy the ride!”


Greg retrieving his antenna extender from the boom for the afternoon net.


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